YouTube Vanced Alternatives

List of YouTube Vanced Alternatives in 2022

YouTube Vanced is a popular third-party mod app. It is similar to YouTube Premium. Many people use the YouTube Vanced app as a YouTube alternative because it is ad-free, like YouTube Premium. But, from now on, you will not be able to use the YouTube Vanced app. This popular third-party app is already closed down by the developer. The Twitter handle of the Vanced app recently confirmed that they would no longer continue this project as they shut down the mod app.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a third-party app that offers the same features and UI as YouTube. It works like YouTube Premium as it’s completely ad-free. It has been a popular app for Android users for years. This app allows users to watch YouTube videos without ads, play background audio, and many other features.

YouTube Vanced

Recently, Google sent a cease and desist letter to the developer of the YouTube Vanced app. After that, on 13 March 2022, developers of the Vanced app announced that the app would no longer be available. They have taken down all download links of this app already. This news disappointed thousands of users as it was their favorite alternative to YouTube. Now, people are searching for other options for YouTube Vanced in 2022. If you are also looking for a good YouTube Vanced alternative, this article will help you find the best one.

Is it illegal to use third-party mod YouTube alternative apps?

Although some developers create modified YouTube versions, using third-party mod YouTube versions is against YouTube’s Terms of Service. However, the legal repercussions are often on the developers.

7 Alternatives to YouTube Vanced in 2022

  • NewPipe.
  • SkyTube.
  • LibreTube.
  • Kiwi Browser.
  • GoTube.
  • Revanced.
  • YouTube Premium.

1. NewPipe

NewPipe is our first choice and is one of the best alternatives to YouTube Vanced. It is entirely free to use. NewPipe is an open-source YouTube Vanced alternative that offers premium features like ad-free content, streaming content in the background, the option to download any video, and many more. You also don’t need any Google mobile service to use this app. Overall, it is the very best alternative to YouTube Vanced.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Modern UI and features.
  • Ad-free.


  • Doesn’t support a Google account.

2. SkyTube

This is another good YouTube Vanced alternative in 2022. Like the NewPipe, SkyTube is also an open-source and free platform. It offers many features like other YouTube Vanced alternatives, like ad-free content, creating a playlist, subscribing to any channel, etc. You can use all these features without signing in to your Google account.


  • Free and open-source.
  • Subscriptions from the official YouTube app.
  • Ad-free and modern interface.


  • Can’t sign in to your Google account.

3. LibreTube

LibreTube is a privacy-friendly YouTube Vanced alternative. This app offers a very modern interface and intuitive animations during navigation. It gives you a feature for fine-tuned controls to pick the video quality and format during playback or downloading time. Apart from these, you will have all the features of YouTube Premium. But one thing you should remember is that LibreTube is still in the beta stage. So, you might face some bugs or glitches.


  • Fine-tuned controls.
  • Free and open-source.
  • No ads.
  • Easy to use.
  • Amazing animations.


  • Can’t sign in with Google ID.
  • It might have bugs.

4. Kiwi Browser

Our next YouTube Vanced alternative is a browser, not an app. Kiwi browser is a Chromium-based built-in browser like Google Chrome. Kiwi Browser is perfect if you prefer a browser to watch YouTube videos without ads. It supports web extensions that can be installed to stream ad-free content. Also, it has the facility to sign in to your Google account.


  • It’s a free browser.
  • You can sign in with your Google ID.
  • Ad-free content.


  • It’s not an app.

5. GoTube

GoTube is one of the best YouTube Vanced alternatives you can use. It comes with a new, refreshed look. You will get a unique experience by using this YouTube Vanced alternative. It offers features like ad-free content, background streaming, video downloading, and many more. Apart from these, you can quickly sign in to your Google account. If you are bored with the usual YouTube theme, you should try this YouTube Vanced alternative once.


  • Unique interface.
  • No ads.
  • Google account support.


  • GoTube doesn’t support YouTube Shorts.

6. Revanced

A new group of developers has released a new YouTube Vanced alternative called Revanced. After shutting down YouTube Vanced, they have developed this new alternative. The Revanced app works independently from the Vanced project. But it is still in the early stages. This app offers all types of YouTube Premium features. Any ad is blocked by default on this fantastic app. It would be best if you tried this out.


  • Free and open-source.
  • Good account support.
  • Ad-free.
  • Easy to use.


  • Buggy interface.

7. YouTube Premium

If you want to experience complete ad-free content, then YouTube Premium is the best. But, to use YouTube Premium, you must purchase a Premium subscription. This is the official way to remove ads from your content. By using YouTube Premium, you will be able to use the background streaming feature. YouTube Premium is the right choice if you don’t like using any third-party apps. You will get to use all features without any disturbances.


  • This is the official way to experience ad-free content.
  • Supports creators.
  • YouTube Music Premium.


  • No free.

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