YouTube Blocking Ad Blockers

YouTube Blocking Ad Blockers: Everything You Need To Know

Speaking of one of the best video-streaming platforms, YouTube serves users with satisfying performance. It is a one-stop solution for your favorite videos and channels. The most trending topics or videos are available in your recommendations in the Home section. You can select from several options like beauty, gaming, technology, fashion, news, education, and more seamlessly.

One of the most irritating parts of the platform is the advertisements shown at the start, during, or between the videos, interrupting the user experience while watching. But, this is one of YouTube’s primary revenue sources, allowing them to earn significantly. To get an ad-free experience, the respective users can pay for their monthly and quarterly premium subscriptions, etc.

Besides the ad-free experience, YouTube Premium provides background play and more options to download your favorite video. The users getting irritated/frustrated because of the advertisements interrupting their watching experience are using third-party applications like Adblockers.

These Ad blockers help users to block or restrict advertisements without any expenditure. However, being aware of the news, YouTube is allegedly trying to ban the Ad blockers from the platform, who are trying to interrupt their primary earning source.

YouTube Can Probably Start To Ban Ad Blockers:

The primary reason for YouTube to take this step is that Ad blockers help to block the advertisements running between the videos, indirectly interrupting the platform’s earning medium. Therefore, the company plans to kill such applications, breaking their income source.

The platform has already started to take preventive measures to defend such tools. Previously, we have seen how YouTube has banned one of its applications, YouTube Vanced, which offers the platform’s premium features free of cost. So, after this step, the company will potentially ban the alternative Ad Blockers lockers providing similar services.

A Warning Message By YouTube:

Starting the procedure, the company has released a warning message to the suspected users who might be using Adblockers. YouTube headlines clearly say, “Ad Blockers are not allowed on YouTube.” If the respective user has been found using such tools, the platform might act against the account, further affecting the services.

Message By YouTube

The message consists of two options: “Allow YouTube Ads” or “Try Premium.” Allowing the Ads will deactivate your Ad Blocker, and the advertisements will resume in your videos. Another option suggests you try the premium, which also means that you have to stop using the Ad Blockers. The prompt also allows you to “Report Issue” if you do not use such tools to block the ads.

YouTube’s new implementation scares the users. If the company has started giving warnings or prompts, they are serious about the matter and will take action against those using such tools and applications. Many such users say they will leave the platform if this happens and find another alternative.

A Reddit user elaboratively explains how the worse the advertisements have affected their pleasantness. He emphasizes that a 12-minute video contains 6 ads, each around 30 seconds, interrupting his comfort, which is irritating. However, as the frequency of the ads is rising significantly, the company might be unnoticing some things and let some users do away with the Adblockers.

We are unsure about implementing the step that the platform warned. But, it is estimated that when the company has made it very strict, they will also act on the same. Therefore, we must take precautionary measures and defend ourselves to stay safe.

YouTube Taking Steps to Block Ad Blockers:

Recently, a YouTube employee has allegedly confirmed that they will soon implement a new change to block the tools or applications helping users to restrict advertisements. However, the reply has been deleted now.

After the incident, the company started experimenting with another step to stop the Ad Blockers. Many users have confirmed getting a prompt when using an Ad Blocker to skip the advertisements.

The statement says, “Video player will be blocked after three videos.” It will be blocked until the Ad Blocker is disabled intentionally or the company allows it to unblock. After the 3rd video, the users suggested they could not watch more videos when the tools for blocking advertisements were enabled.

blocked after three videos

Let’s hope that the users get concessions from this and peacefully use the application and consume their favorite videos. We will keep tabs on the latest developments or announcements if and when YouTube does so. Make sure to connect with us for further information.

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