Fix Xfinity Modem Blinking Orange

Xfinity Modem/Router Blinking Orange: Here’s How to Fix?

Now, Wi-Fi routers are dominating the internet world. Everyone prefers a Wi-Fi router for better and faster internet connectivity. A modem or router can provide excellent internet services with the right plan. The Xfinity Modem is a router that offers good internet connectivity. But we all know every gadget can have some issues sometimes. No digital device can be perfect. So, in this article, we will discuss how to fix the Xfinity Modem blinking orange problem.

The Xfinity Modem has a concept that they broadcast certain information through the different flickering lights. At the same time, it can blink white, blue, red, and green. Each blinking has some info. Here, we will discuss what to do when your Xfinity modem blinks Orange. What is the meaning of blinking Orange on your router, and how to fix the problem?

What are the reasons for Xfinity Modem/Router blinking Orange?

There could be plenty of reasons for the Xfinity Modem blinking orange problem. As per our study, if your Xfinity Modem is blinking Orange, there could be some issues with your internet connection. Anyway, that is not the only reason behind this issue. A faulty cable can cause this problem on your modem. If there is some damage in Splitter, this problem may also appear. Apart from these, some common issues include outdated Firmware, heating issues, modem overloading, etc. Anyway, forget the reasons; here, we will give you some of the best methods to solve the problem.

6 Ways to Fix the Xfinity Modem/Router Blinking Orange Problem:

  1. Restart your Xfinity router.
  2. Check all Cables that are connected to the router.
  3. Update Firmware.
  4. Avoid overheating the router.
  5. Provide a Stable Power Supply.
  6. Contact the Service Center or Replace the Router.
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1. Restart your Xfinity router

This is the first step when you try fixing any internet connectivity problem. It is one of the most effective and straightforward methods to try to fix the problem. This step might solve your problem very quickly. Turn off your router using the restart button or power plug. Wait for at least 1 minute. Let the router switch off completely. After 30 seconds to one minute, turn on your router and check whether the blinking Orange is there.

2. Check all Cables that are connected to the router

This is one of the common reasons for this type of issue. As mentioned above, a faulty cable can cause the Xfinity modem to blink orange problem on your router. Remove all wires from the router. Check if all cables are okay or not. If all cables are fine, clean all wires and cable ports also. Use a microfiber cloth to clean all ports. Once done with all cleaning, re-connect the cables to their port tightly. I hope it solves the problem.

3. Update Firmware

Due to using an outdated software version, some issues like the Xfinity modem blinking orange problem may occur. It is one of the primary reasons for matters related to connectivity. So, check whether your Firmware is up to date or not. If your router has pending firmware software updates, update them. To know how to update, follow the given steps below.

  • Visit the official Xfinity website to see the available updates.
  • Then, select your device and check for any pending updates for your router.
  • Download the update and follow the on-screen instructions to install the update on your router device.
  • After installing the updates, check whether the problem is still there.

4. Avoid overheating the router

Overheating the router device may cause the blinking orange problem. It can harm the connectivity of your router. So, place the modem a few feet above the ground and keep it away from any physical obstructions. Keep the gateway free, and don’t cover it with a cloth or such things.

5. Provide a Stable Power Supply

It is another simple and easy way to fix the problem. You must ensure that your router gets a consistent and stable power supply. A small problem with the power supply connection may cause this issue on your router. So, make sure that your power supply is seamless and consistent. Also, you can use a power backup to avoid this problem with your router.

6. Contact the Service Center or Replace the Router

If the above methods do not solve the problem, you should take the router to the service center. The router could be the culprit for the problem. So, it is the best and last step to get help from the official support team. If there is some problem with your old router, then replace the router with a new one.


The “Xfinity modem blinking orange” means there is some problem with your internet connectivity. With the help of our given steps, you can try to resolve the issue. If you have any other queries, please ask in the comment box below.

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