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New Xbox dashboard update not showing up? Here are some fixes

Recently, Xbox got a complete redesign to the dashboard UI. Since minimal UI design is the modern theme, the new Xbox UI adopts this. There are more customization options and some claims of efficiency improvements. Xbox promises many improvements to the gaming experience. This new update is available worldwide.

Unfortunately, there are many reports online that users aren’t receiving this update. Despite the passing of many days since the launch, the update isn’t showing up for many users.

My new Xbox dashboard UI update is not available.

While we can’t exactly judge the magnitude of the issue, it appears widespread, considering the number of reports. The update isn’t out in the Netherlands yet, according to a user. However, we can’t determine if it’s region-specific since there’s not much info.

People are understandably frustrated that they didn’t get the new Xbox home screen and are wondering what’s going on. Since this is a significant change to the design and people like the looks, they don’t like missing out on it. In a bizarre case, a user got the update on the Xbox Series S but didn’t get the update on the Xbox Series X.

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Workaround 1: A basic troubleshooting method is to check the update section on their Xbox consoles. Upon checking, they get a message that says there’s no console update available. Restarting the console and checking for updates again doesn’t seem to help most cases either. Unfortunately, these Xbox users are stuck with the old home screen UI design.

While the UI design is minimal and slick, critical reception was actually very mixed. Some praise the minimal UI design with modern, colorful tiles. It shows your name and profile picture at the top left, and a menu in the middle has a search icon and Settings. At the top right, you get your battery indicator, which shows the time. A couple of large cards are at the bottom, and smaller cards are above. The item you selected gets highlighted.

Some people, however, feel that Xbox should’ve made the home screen customization better. The new version is limiting and restrictive to some people. There are also too many game suggestions and annoying advertisements that ruin the experience. The new update has promotional content, Xbox Game Pass offers, and game deal highlights. Many users prefer a cleaner UI experience that isn’t full of ads like this.

Workaround 2: Some temporary workarounds may solve the problem. Unfortunately, you must reset your entire console for this completely hard work. You have to reboot the console from Energy/ Power Savings, not from the X button or guide menu.

Some people who are part of the official Insider Program still haven’t received this update, which is really strange. What makes it worse is that Xbox support is ignoring questions from customers. Some others report major issues with the update process. It refuses to accept the right Wi-Fi password, and then there’s an error code, and the message reads, “There is a problem with the update.”

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the update rollout is gradual. It depends on many factors, and it might include region too. This helps in stability and avoids major UI-hindering bugs at rollout. Also, most people who got it now are from the USA, and the rollout outside the US is rather slow. We hope the Xbox software team at Microsoft addresses these problems quickly.

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