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Windows 11 Product Key: Everything You Need to Know

Windows 11 is a free upgrade for existing Windows 10 users

Microsoft unveiled their new OS for users, called Windows 11. Although Microsoft said in the past that Windows 10 will be the final version of their OS; they take a new path and released a new OS for its users. As Microsoft released their new OS (operating system) Windows 11; most people will be looking for an activation key for their new OS. So in the article, we will understand types of Windows Keys, activation processes, cheap deals on product keys, and more. So without further ado, let’s start the guide.

Buy Windows 11 Product Key or Activation Key at Lowest Price

Get Windows 11 for free

You can get Windows 11 operating system for free i.e without spending a penny as windows 11 is a free upgrade. Your PC/Laptop must run the most current version of Windows 10 and meet the minimum hardware requirements such as a 64-bit processor and TPM 2.0 chip. In order to check eligibility, you can use the PC Health Check app. You can even Bypass TPM 2.0 if your PC does not pass the compatibility test.

Buy from Microsoft Stores

You can visit the Microsoft store to buy Windows 11 activation key or product key online (Currently Not Available).

Types of Windows 11 product key

Basically, we can divide Windows keys into 3 categories; which are

  • Retail Keys
  • OEM Keys
  • Volume Licensing

Let’s discuss each key type in detail:

I) Windows 11 Retail Keys:

As the name suggests Retail Keys are those which are sold by Microsoft through their Official Retail channels. Price-wise Retails Keys cost the most amount of money but also they come with their own benefits. Like Microsoft provide supports full help/support to Retail Key owners and you can install one single Retail Key in different hardware (Although you have to deactivate the license in already activated hardware). Someone who is not tech-savvy and will need a helping hand in troubleshooting issues if they arise Retail Key is best for them or someone who frequently changes their computer hardware.

II) Windows 11 OEM Keys:

OEM Keys or Original Equipment Manufacturer Keys are the most used keys by general people. Although Microsoft made this type of key mainly to be used by hardware manufacturers like ASUS, Dell, HP etc. The main reason people used the OEM keys because of their cost, they come at a very cheap price compared to their retail counterparts. But the main con of the OEM Key is that Microsoft doesn’t provide technical support to OEM keys holders if in any case, they need it. Also, after the OEM key is activated in a computer, the OEM key bind with the motherboard of the specific computer so in case if you change your motherboard or your motherboard goes bad you have to buy a new OEM Key to use in it. For the majority of users, OEM Keys are enough because they provide the same feature and experience as other keys except for the above-mentioned benefits.

III) Volume Licensing:

These types of keys are used by enterprises where they buy keys in bulk from Microsoft to use. Also, there are two types of Volume Licensing keys: I) MAK and II)KMS, users can activate MAK keys one time only whereas KMS keys can be used multiple times.

Do cheap Windows 11 product keys really work?

The simple answer is YES, they do work and when people talk about cheap Windows keys they primarily talk about OEM keys. There is nothing wrong with using OEM keys if it suits your needs however you should always keep in mind that buy your OEM keys from legit sources don’t pick one from shady sites or sellers.

How to activate Windows 11 using a product key?

Activating Windows 11 with a product key is very simple, we will explain the process step by step below:

I) Buy your Windows 11 key from an authentic vendor. This step is obvious but still, it’s an important step.

II) Go to Windows setting App and search for “Activation Settings” and now click on “Change product key”.

Change product key

III) Enter your product key and click “Next”.

Enter your product key

IV) Now click the “Activate” button.

Click on winodws 11 activate button

V) Wait a few seconds and you will see a message saying “Windows is activated”. This means your Windows 11 key is successfully activated. Now click on the “Close” button.

Activate windows 11

Also, after activation, if you log in to your Windows 11 PC/Laptop using your Microsoft account credentials your Windows activation details will be linked with your Microsoft account. That way you can easily change activate Windows on other hardware if you own a Retail key or in the case of OEM key you can reinstall and reactive Windows on the same hardware.

You will see the “Windows is activated with a digital licence” status on your activation status if you successfully link your Windows activation details with your Microsoft account.

Note: Windows 11 activation process mentioned above is based on Windows 10 activation process. Some steps might be changed in future. We will update the article with screenshots once we get Windows 11 activation key.

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