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How to Download Windows 11 ISO File 64-bit Using UUP Dump Tool

Upgrade to Windows 11 operating system

The developer preview of Windows 11 for the Developers team under the Microsoft Insider Program has went official. It’s available as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users. However, we still don’t have any information about the stable rollout of Windows 11 and most probably it’s going to happen in the coming months. The ISO file of Windows 11 hasn’t been revealed officially but there is an unofficial way (via the UUP Dump tool) to download and install Windows 11 ISO File. In this post, we are going to let you know how to do that!

Microsoft has announced its Windows 11 Operating System back in the month of June. The Windows 11 brings UI overhaul on the top of Windows 10, re-touched icons, centered taskbar, new User interface, native support of Android apps and redesigned Microsoft Store, and much more. It’s compatible with most of the systems but still, it requires TPM 2.0 and Secure boot, which is unavailable in selected PCs and systems.

Steps to Download Windows 11 ISO File Using UUP Dump Tool

Step 1: There’s a website namely UUP Dump Website which allows users to download the full file of any version of Windows update released yet. Go to their website using this link. Now you will see multiple update files for Windows 11 (such as the latest 22000.100 ISO build for download) including the Cumulative update files and original Windows 11 Developer Preview.

uup dump windows 11 builds

Latest Builds

  • July 22: Microsoft has released the fourth insider preview build. Windows 11 22000.100 ISO download file (64-bit) is now available on the UUP Dump website.
  • July 15: Windows 11 22000.71 third insider preview build released.
  • July 8: Windows 11 22000.65 second insider preview build released.
  • June 28: Windows 11 22000.51 first insider preview build released.

You can also check Windows 11 update history tracker for the latest builds from here.

Step 2: Now click on Windows 11 Insider Previews and select your preferred language and click on Next. Now it will ask you which edition of Windows 11 you want to download including the Windows 11 home, Home N, Windows 11 Pro, Pro N, and Windows Team. Select your preferred version, (Pro version suggested). Now click on Next.

uup dump windows 11 choose edition

Step 3: It will now ask you that which file you need to download, click on “download and convert to ISO” under the download method and Including Updates (Windows converter only) in the conversion option. After selecting all the things, now click on Create Download Package. It will now start downloading the .zip file to your device.

uup dump windows 11 create package

Step 4: After the file is downloaded successfully, extract the file and run the UUP Download Windows Script. After opening it, you will get few options using for which scripts to run, click on your preferred one. If you are on Windows, then click on uup_downloads_windows and double click on it.

Step 5: After the script runs successfully, it will automatically open the command prompt. Now click on the Yes button and it will now download the Windows 11 ISO file. Make sure to connect your system with a stable WiFi connection as it will download the file around 4GB and using the Mobile data may result in data loss. After the process gets completed, press the key and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Step 6: After you complete all the steps successfully, revert back to the folder where you ran the script and you will now find a Windows 11 ISO file (64-bit) there. You can now install/upgrade Windows 11 on your PC/Laptop by creating a bootable USB Drive.

If you want to download the ISO file using Microsoft’s Windows 11 Media Creation tool, you have to wait for a few months. Till then you can use UUP Dump third-party tool.

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