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6 Ways to Play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Hogwarts Legacy, the massive open-world RPG set in the enchanting world of Harry Potter, there’s good news for you. The game has been released for Windows, PS5/PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Do you find something missing? Yes, it’s the Mac. Unfortunately, there is no official release of Hogwarts Legacy for the Mac. However, there are ways to bring the game to your Mac, regardless of whether you have an Apple Silicon or an Intel-based Mac.

Though the methods may not be as good as the official game on other platforms, they will allow you to play your Hogwarts adventure right from your Mac. So, if you’re an Apple user seeking to play Hogwarts Legacy on your Mac, buckle up as we delve into the various methods that will bring this fantastic game to your Mac.

Method 1: Boosteroid

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming service that allows you to stream games to your Mac. Since Boosteroid is a cloud gaming service, you don’t need a high-end Mac to play Hogwarts Legacy on Boosteroid. Despite running on servers, Boosteroid offers minimal latency, which doesn’t affect the gaming experience.

However, you require a fast and stable internet connection to enjoy Hogwarts Legacy on Boosteroid. Boosteroid has two subscription plans, monthly and annual plan. The monthly plan costs 9.89 EUR, while the yearly plan costs 89.89 EUR. You can choose the plan that suits your needs. Here’s how you can use Boosteroid to play Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Visit the Boosteroid website and create an account.
  2. Subscribe to one of their plans, depending on your gaming needs.
  3. Download the Boosteroid client for Mac.
  4. Launch the client and log in with your account details.
  5. Search for Hogwarts Legacy in the game library and select it.
  6. The game will start streaming, and you can play it on your Mac using the controls or a connected gamepad.

Hogwarts Legacy cloud

Method 2: Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit

To everyone’s surprise, Apple announced the Game Porting Toolkit at WWDC23. This indicates that Apple is finally getting serious about gaming on the Mac. The Game Porting Toolkit enables developers to bring Windows games to macOS. Although this method requires some technical knowledge, playing Hogwarts Legacy on your Mac can be an option. Remember that it may not work perfectly for all games, but it’s worth a try. Check out our detailed post on Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit.

  1. Download and install Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit on your Mac.
  2. Follow the instructions provided with the toolkit to set it up.
  3. Obtain a copy of Hogwarts Legacy for Windows.
  4. Use the toolkit for packaging and porting the game to macOS.
  5. Once the game is ported, you can install and play it on your Mac.

toolkit download

Method 3: GeForce Now

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service provided by NVIDIA. While Hogwarts Legacy may not be available directly on GeForce Now, you can use this method if you have a copy of the game on Steam.

GeForce Now allows you to play games through its app. You can stream a multitude of games, including Hogwarts Legacy. Like Bootsteroid, GeForce Now does all the processing over the air, meaning you don’t need high-end hardware to run these games. However, having a fast internet connection would be best to play the game smoothly.

GeForce has two tiers: the free tier and the subscription-based one. The free tier will give you access to most of the features, but if you want to go beyond that, you must buy the subscription. Here’s how to use GeForce Now:

  1. Sign up for GeForce Now and create an account.
  2. Download the GeForce Now client for Mac.
  3. Launch the client and log in with your account details.
  4. Connect your Steam account to GeForce Now.
  5. Search for Hogwarts Legacy in your Steam library.
  6. Start the game, and it will be streamed to your Mac for you to play.

GeForce Now

Method 4: Boot Camp (Intel Macs)

If you have an Intel-based Mac, you can use Boot Camp to install Windows on a separate partition of your Mac’s hard drive. This will allow you to dual-boot between macOS and Windows, enabling you to play Hogwarts Legacy on your Mac natively.

However, when you switch between the two operating systems, you must restart your Mac and select the one you want to boot into. This is a bit of a hassle, but if you want to play Hogwarts Legacy, it should be worth it. It should be noted that if you have an Apple Silicon-based Mac, Boot Camp won’t work on your Mac. You can try the other methods in this article.

  1. Check if your Mac is compatible with Boot Camp by visiting Apple’s official website.
  2. Create a bootable Windows installation media (USB or DVD).
  3. Run Boot Camp Assistant on your Mac and follow the on-screen instructions to set up a Windows partition.
  4. Install Windows on the created partition using the installation media.
  5. Once Windows is installed, boot into Windows on your Mac.
  6. Install Hogwarts Legacy on the Windows partition and play it as you would on a regular Windows PC.

Method 5: Parallels

If you have an Apple Silicon Mac, you can use Parallels Desktop to run a virtual machine with Windows installed. This method lets you use Windows and macOS simultaneously and play Hogwarts Legacy within the virtual machine. You can drag and drop files from Windows to macOS and vice versa.

However, the performance of games may suffer because the processing is performed in a virtual machine rather than natively on Windows. Smooth gameplay requires a powerful Mac computer. You can easily import your Boot Camp setup into Parallels without losing any of your customizations, and it works on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. Here’s how to use Parallels:

  1. Purchase and download Parallels Desktop for Mac.
  2. Follow the installation instructions to set up Parallels on your Mac.
  3. Create a new Windows virtual machine using Parallels.
  4. Install Windows within the virtual machine.
  5. Install Hogwarts Legacy on the Windows virtual machine.
  6. Start the virtual machine and play the game within the Windows environment while still on your Mac.


Method 6: OneCast

OneCast is a streaming app that allows you to play Xbox games on your Mac by streaming from your Xbox console. You can use this method if you own an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S and have Hogwarts Legacy for Xbox. Remember, OneCast offers a 14-day free trial and a license purchase for $14.99. You also need a copy of Hogwarts Legacy for Xbox, available as a digital download from Amazon or the Xbox Store. Follow these steps to use OneCast to play Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Ensure your Mac and Xbox are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Download and install OneCast on your Mac.
  3. Launch OneCast and log in to your Microsoft account.
  4. Connect your Xbox controller to your Mac via Bluetooth.
  5. Close unnecessary applications on your Mac for better performance.
  6. Adjust the video quality in OneCast if needed.
  7. Insert the Hogwarts Legacy disc into your Xbox or launch the digital version.
  8. Select your Xbox console in OneCast and start streaming.
  9. Use your Mac’s controls or the connected Xbox controller to play Hogwarts Legacy.


Final Words

Hogwarts Legacy offers an unprecedented experience, allowing fans to explore Hogwarts during the 1800s as a student. It’s no wonder that countless Harry Potter enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting their chance to play this great game. Now, even Mac users can enjoy the game, thanks to Boosteroid and other alternatives. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start playing Hogwarts Legacy on your Mac. Happy Gaming!

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