Watch OS 9 disable Snooze Double Pinch Notification Pop-up Apple Watch

watchOS 9 Snooze Double Pinch Pop-up: How to Disable it?

Snooze double pinch alerts to snooze or reject an alarm

The tech giant has unveiled its Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (Second generation), and the new giant Apple Watch Ultra, alongside the new iPhone 14 series on September 7. Apple watches rely on their exclusive Operating System. The new Operating System for Apple’s Watch was announced on September 12, i.e., WatchOS 9.

The WatchOS 9 update brings out more exciting features. Deeply detailed information about your sleep. Improved Heart Rate Zones, dynamic pacing, race route, running analytics, Multi-sport mode, Watch Faces, sleep stages, portrait Face, Family set-up, Lunar Face, and more enhancements.

However, several users face terrible bugs with the new WatchOS 9. Some of them are screen frozen when updated to the version, rapid battery drainage, glitching problems, Siri Voice bug, and not being able to send messages using Siri. The extreme was the bug preventing the Spotify streaming service from working correctly. And the recent bug users are facing is the snooze double pinch notification.

What is Snooze Double Pinch Notification?

Snooze double pinch alerts Apple Watch users to snooze or reject an alarm when they have activated this feature. When an alarm sounds, you can tap ‘Snooze’ to wait several minutes before the alarm sounds again.

Snooze Double Pinch Pop-up issue:

Several users are facing the bug after they have installed the WatchOS 9 on their compatible Apple Watches. The issue is that whenever you try to raise or lift your wrist, the notification states, “Snooze – Double Pinch.” According to a Redditor, the notification persists even if he has turned OFF the assistive touch. “WatchOS 9 beta, does anyone know how to turn off the pinch to snooze? I have the assistive touch turned off.”

Snooze Double Pinch
Credit: Reddit/CrimsonSubterfuge

Another user of Reddit has confirmed the bug, saying, “Snooze double pinch keeps popping up since updating. I have a series 5, and since updating to OS9, “snooze double pinch” whenever I raise my wrist. I thought it may have been an assistive touch, but I ensured it was turned off.”

The same got confirmed by a Twitter user – “How do I get this Snooze Double Pinch OFF MY Series 8 WATCH!? I will be returning it if you cannot get rid of it. I never had issues with my Series 5 ever.”

The solution to the bug many have applied is to turn OFF the assistive touch and restart your Apple Watch. However, some users think this is a temporary solution to the problem. Some Reddit users have recommended toggling Appearance to Minimal in the ‘Quick Actions’ section. But, it will not help as it will replace the pop-up with a blue line.

A guaranteed permanent solution to the snooze notification shared by is here.

How to Disable the Snooze Double Pinch Notification?

  • Open Settings on your Apple Watch.
  • Search for the ‘Accessibility’ option.
  • Search for ‘AssistiveTouch’ and turn it ON. (If it’s already enabled, you can skip this step).
  • Go back to Accessibility again and launch ‘Quick Actions.’
  • Click on the ‘Try it out’ link.
  • Double pinch as soon as possible until you see the ‘Double Pinch Recognized’ message.
  • Reboot your Apple Watch.

The problem is based on the WatchOS 9 version. Let’s see if Apple provides the fix, or else you can follow the steps mentioned above to avoid the ‘Snooze Double Pinch Notification’ pop-up.

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