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Vodafone SuperIoT
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Vodafone Launches SuperIoT for Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking and People Safety

SuperIoT comprises of solutions for the problems people face in day to day life

The Internet has made its way into people’s lives in many ways. From connection through mobile phones and computers to connect to smart watches, home appliances, and smart cities. Now the Internet of Things(IoT) has made an excellent market for itself. Its the main reason for the digital development this country has experienced so far. The market of IoT because of Digital India ideals is expected to reach 9 billion USD by the end of the year 2020.

Today Vodafone launched SuperIoT which comprises of solutions for the problems people face in day to day life. These solutions include using the Internet in Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking and People Tracking. According to Vodafone, it will provide assistance based on the management of device, application, connectivity, security, service platform and support.

Vehicle Tracking:

Vodafone’s IoT adopted SuperIoT provides vehicle tracking. It is an end to end protected solution to allow people to keep information about their vehicle’s conditions. SuperIoT gives alerts about faulty cars thus reducing the maintenance costs. It will help maintain asset value, reduce vehicle downtime and also ensure the safety of the customers.

Asset Tracking:

SuperIot also provides Mobile Asset tracking enabling people with their own business to track their assets when sent for delivery. Customers can supply products at a faster rate and thus develop a more efficient delivery system. It enables the customers to track the location of their delivered assets, be it construction materials, household materials, food supplies, or anything for business and to track their status on the go.

People tracking:

SuperIoT provides employers with safety measure solutions. ID cards enabled with RIFD, GPS and GPRS can be used to ensure the safety of the employers in and out of the workplace. Smart wearables along with emergency calling feature to the Central Emergency Response team are also possible with SuperIoT.

Student safety precautions are also a solution provided by SuperIoT. Parents, school authorities and school transport workers can use RIFD, GPS and GPRS enabled ID cards to ensure the safety of the students. It will allow the authorities to track a student’s location. Also Vehicle tracking and camera facilities for the bus and campus readers for additional security for the students.

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