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Vivo Android 13 (Funtouch OS 13) Update: Supported Devices, Release Date

Find if your Vivo phone gets Android 13 or not

Vivo recently started rolling out Android 12 (Funtouch OS 12) for its eligible devices. Although many devices are yet to receive the Android 12 update, rumours about the Android 13 update have already turned on.

Google recently released the Android 13 beta for select devices, which gave us a preview of Android 13 features. These features will most likely come to Android 13 on Funtouch OS 13 as well. This might make many Vivo users wonder if their device will get the Android 13 update or not. Read more to find out.

Vivo Android 13 (Funtouch OS 13) Release Date

  • The Android 13 beta update for Funtouch OS 13 may be released in November or December 2022, and the stable build in April or May 2023.

Vivo tends to be a little slower than its competitors when it comes to providing the new Android update. Usually, Vivo’s Android-based Funtouch OS starts receiving beta updates only after Google releases the stable update. When we look at last year, Vivo released the Android 12 beta after the release of the stable build.

There is no official information regarding the release date of the Vivo Android 13 update, but we can speculate on the release date based on past releases. Android 12 beta was released in Q4 2021. So we can expect the Android 13 beta at around the same time frame. The stable update of Funtouch OS 13 may be released by Q2 2023. We may start seeing Vivo phones launching with Funtouch OS 13 in April or May 2023.


Vivo Android 13 Update Tracker

August 16: Vivo X80 Pro owners can register for the Android 13 Preview Program. Vivo will only accept 500 users into the preview program. Your device’s latest system version should be in order to sign up for the program. Selected users will be able to experience Funtouch OS 13 from August 23. To signup, head over to the Settings > System Update > Settings Icon > Trial version.

June 8: Google has started rolling out Android 13 Beta 3 with Platform Stability for supported Pixel phones.

May 12: Google announced Android 13 OS on May 11 at Google I/O 2022. As of now, Android 13 Beta for Vivo X80 Pro is available through the Developer Preview Program. It should be noted this build is intended for developers only.

Vivo’s track record when it comes to updates is not anything good. However, when many OEMs are still launching phones with Android 11 out of the box, Vivo is launching all its new phones with Android 12. There is no official information regarding the eligible devices for the Android 13 update from Vivo as of now. Vivo is still providing only one year of major Android updates for its budget and mid-range devices. And till last year, their flagship series received only two years of major Android updates. Vivo’s list of devices that will receive the Android 13 update is very small.

Vivo has finally made it clear that the Vivo X series will receive three years of major Android updates launched in July 2021 or later. Vivo X series devices launched in 2020 or earlier will receive only two major Android updates. Based on this updated policy, we can predict the eligible devices for the Android 13 (Funtouch OS 13) update.

List of Vivo phones eligible for Android 13 update

The above list is not officially from Vivo. So we can expect changes in the list as new Vivo phones will launch in the future. We will see more devices in the official list.

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