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Here’s how you can transfer your PUBG Mobile ID to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton has introduced Battlegrounds Mobile India game, as a clone of PUBG Mobile for the Indian users

PUBG Mobile, an online battle royale game was banned in India back in September 2021. After a long wait, Krafton has announced their Battlegrounds Mobile game in India. Basically, it’s PUBG Mobile, but the game is only handled by Krafton instead of Tencent games. The company claims that all the users’ data will be kept safely in India. But one thing the gamers were worried about was their old game ID.

Well, for this, Krafton has officially provided an option to transfer your PUBG Mobile’s user ID to BGMI. If you had created your PUBG Mobile ID using Facebook or Twitter, you can easily transfer your ID. But if you have created the account using Google Play Games, then don’t worry, we have an option for you too. Read the post to know about it. In this post, we’ll guide you on how to transfer your PUBG Mobile ID to BGMI.

A step-by-step guide to transferring your PUBG Mobile ID to BGMI via Facebook/Twitter

  • First of all, download the game from Play Store and create a new ID using Facebook or Twitter.
  • Enter any username and select the character you want, now click on Create.
  • After creating your new ID, you’ll get a pop-up asking you whether if you want to transfer your PUBG Mobile ID to BGMI or not.
  • Now click on “Yes” and proceed.

pubg tranfser click yes

  • It’ll now ask for some more permission, click on Yes and continue.
  • Now you’ll see, two options to transfer your account ID, using Facebook or Twitter.

pubg twitter transfer

  • If you had created your PUBG Mobile ID using Facebook, then click on the icon and enter the details asked. The same goes for the Twitter option.
  • After entering your all details, It’ll automatically log you out of the game. Now, wait for few mins, as it might take some time to transfer your data.
  • After few mins, log in using the credentials used while creating a new ID (Don’t enter details of PUBG Mobile ID, enter the details you submitted while creating your BGMI ID).
  • Hurray, your PUBG Mobile ID has been successfully transferred to BGMI. All your in-game outfits and currency will come back now.

Well, this was for the Facebook or Twitter. What if you have created your account using Google Play Games? As there’s no option to transfer the account using Google Play. But, we have a solution for you. Here are step by step methods to transfer your PUBG Mobile ID (created using Google Play Games) to Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI). Note that, for this, you have to install two extra apps.

How to transfer the PUBG Google Play Games account to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

  • First of all, download the PUBG Mobile global from anywhere you want (Suggested- TapTap). Now download any of your favourite free VPN (Suggested- SkyVPN).
  • Now turn the VPN on, make sure to connect the server outside India or China. You can connect to US VPN.
  • After connecting, open PUBG Mobile Global and log in using the credentials you used for creating PUBG Mobile-ID.
  • After logging in, go to settings and search for the Linked account option.
  • There, you’ll get an option to link your social media account. Add any of your Facebook or Twitter account details and link. Make sure not to use the Twitter/Facebook account details used in BGMI.
  • After linking successfully, You can now uninstall the PUBG Mobile Global.
  • Now, disconnect the VPN and open Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Now follow the previous steps (Same) and enter the details you submitted while linking your account to PUBG Mobile.
  • Hurray, You’re all good to go, You’re PUBG Mobile ID is now back to BGMI.

So that’s it for the post, we hope you’ve successfully migrated your PUBG Mobile ID to Battlegrounds Mobile India using the steps mentioned above.

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