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Tesla Phone Concept Render (unofficial) | Credit: adrstudiodesign

Tesla Pi Phone: All the Rumors So Far

At present, there isn’t any reliable source to believe

The Tesla Pi Phone has been in the news lately. It could be the first smartphone from the electric car company Tesla. It is also rumored to be designed by Elon Musk himself. The phone will likely compete with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Enthusiasts and even the general public are very excited about this smartphone. The article talks about all the rumors of the alleged Tesla Pi Phone. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Is the Tesla phone real?

It looks like Tesla will not launch the Pi Phone. There’s no credible source to believe right now. The source of many rumors seems to be a YouTube video (by Adrstudiodesign) from early 2021. However, it’s important to note that the ideas presented in the video are purely speculative and not based on confirmed leaks. The designer says the content is merely their creative ideas rather than leaks or details.

Tesla phone concept
Credit: adrstudiodesign (Concept Render/Unofficial)

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Tesla Pi Phone Rumors:

December 1, 2022: Elon and Tim Cook reached an agreement

On December 1st, Elon Musk tweeted that he and Tim Cook had a good conversation when Tim Cook showed Elon around Apple Park. The idea that Twitter may be removed from the App Store was cleared up during this talk, and Elon reassured Twitter users that Apple had no such plans.

Previously, there were some interpretations of Apple’s Content Moderation Policy, and many believed that if Twitter did not comply, they would be banned from the App Store. However, following this chat between Elon and Tim, they appear to have achieved an agreeable solution.

It does not appear likely that the Tesla phone would launch any time soon, given that Elon Musk claimed he would only do so if Twitter were removed from the App Store. Although the introduction of the Tesla phone has been delayed indefinitely, we still hope to see it happen within the next two years.

November 26, 2022: Elon Musk might make an Alternative to iPhone/Android

A podcaster named Liz Wheeler tweeted regarding Twitter being removed from the App Store & Google Play store. She mentioned that Elon Musk should make his own phone if that happens. Since Elon has an excellent reputation, she believes people will abandon Google and Apple and move to Elon’s phone instead. She also speculates that making a smartphone won’t be too hard for someone who builds refuellable rockets.

To this tweet, Elon replied he hopes it does not come to that, but if it does and there’s no other choice, he will make an alternative phone. This could very well be a hint towards the much anticipated Tesla phone, and there’s a chance it might come with his own software that’s neither Android nor iOS.

However, there are no signs of Twitter being pulled from the stores right now, and it’s challenging to build a new OS in a short span because a new OS needs plenty of developer support.

elon hints tesla phone

If Elon Musk made a Tesla Phone, Would you buy it?

TechDroider tweeted, “If Elon Musk made a Tesla Phone to compete with iPhone and Android, Would you buy it? What features would you like to see?”

Users’ responses were mixed, with some expressing interest while others were not keen on the idea.

Some users replied they want to see new features like True’s ability to turn off tracking/analytics, 3D recording, Integrated Starlink capabilities, Brand new OS, a very competitive AI assistant, and more.

What are your thoughts on the rumored Tesla Pi Phone? Are you willing to ditch your current phone for it? Let us know in the comments below.

Note: The article is based solely on rumors and speculation. Therefore, taking any information presented with a grain of salt is recommended. It’s also worth noting that, as of now, there is no Tesla phone available in the market. Any news or updates on the topic should be treated cautiously until reliable sources confirm.

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  1. I would buy two PI phones right now if they were available!

  2. I want to purchase 2 Tesla phone

  3. Canada Rogers will done
    And Fido all data finish to fast
    Tesla will destroy all It is good I liked.

  4. i see a lot of people is going to be disappointed

  5. I would gladly ditch my android phone for the TESLA PI phone. I plan on retiring in a few years and living in other countries. The PI phone together with StarLink would be perfect for that, I believe.

  6. I’m fed up with the pricing of the iPhone 13+, and I wouldn’t say I like to get my old phones turned back in for no money at all. Seems like it’s $1800 instead of $1000 its worth beans to me. Where do I sign up for the smartest phone built-in Time today? November 2024 is when I can get out $536 makes me pay to get out of the contract lost my old phone that was worth 800 go figure.

    • Yes, I’ve been waiting for a satellite phone forever it’s time to knock these heavyweights down. They are thieves you pay $1300 for a phone a year later; it’s worth 500 the throttle back the performance. It’s a scam. It’s a shame, and it’s too much money, $280 a month for me and my wife, and I am tired. I fully support Elon Musk’s concept that I would buy a dozen.
      Sincerely big Chris.

    • I will get a p1 when they’re available

  7. I will buy it. yahooooooooooo

  8. I would LOVE to ditch my android for a Tesla phone! This Samsung has issues!

  9. And here I thought the Pi-phone was already out. I am disappointed to find that it is still just a dream…my iphone just died. Any REAL news here?

  10. I am anxiously waiting for the Pi phone. I would like something substantial instead of all the “guessing”. Make iPhone is slowly passing its usage and I will be in need of a new phone soon. Let’s hear it!!

  11. I just love anything Elon Musk!! YES, I will buy one. Please keep me posted of the release date!!!

  12. I would ditch my iPhone in a heartbeat if I could buy a tesla pi. I think satellite phone beats the heck out of cells.

  13. I am interested in this technology of the pi phone, and where can I buy?

  14. I am also interested in this.

  15. Definitely interested in Tesla pi phone! Never liked apple had one years ago,never again!!!
    Thanks Elon!!!

  16. I am planning to buy a Pi. I wish I could be on a list. Currently using a 6s plus and need a new one soon.

  17. My husband and I would love to have a Tesla PI Phone. I want everything Tesla inductive stove top, washer/dryer, refrigerator, truck and a car.

  18. I hope I can order one by mail. Can’t Elon set up a notification to whoever subscribes, so we will know the phone is ready to order?

  19. I am so hyped about this phone’s tech, I am ready to early purchase orders. Moving forward is imperative to a sustainable

  20. 4 in our household that will be buying this! I’m fine with mine personally and the family loves apple but we ALL agree this would be a fantastic move.
    fingers crossed its soon

  21. I just can not wait for the phone to come out

  22. Been a loyal Apple customer when Apple was cobalt pro. 1984. Cannot wait to try and become a loyal Pi Phone customer.

  23. I’m with everyone else here. I can’t wait to rid myself of Apple’s planned degradation after about two years. The updates that kill their products, the ridiculous “genius” bar where these nitwits literally look down at customers… the pretentious attitudes of phone support and the terrible software! Yes, please also crush the computer market at the same time and create a PI laptop for all the same reasons.

  24. I presently use three phones, two Samsungs and an iPhone. I will jump at the chance to replace them with pi Phone.

  25. As soon as a Tesla Pi is available, I’m dropping my iPhone 13 immediately. Enough with Apple’s monopoly and weakness and helping the CCP in China. Bye, bye Apple. It cannot come soon enough. Got my fingers crossed for December or January.

    Agree; a Tesla tablet would be a great fit with the Pi.

  26. I currently use a blackberry for work and one for personal, and they are both coming to the end of their life, I have been looking to upgrade. Nothing out there catches my eye, well maybe the Galaxy Ultra. If a Tesla phone was out right now, I would most certainly get one. I was given an IPhone 4 from the company, not personal. That was the most horrible experience ever. that poor phone never had a chance, after being dropped on the cement floor so many times, LOL management threw their hands in the air, and told me to get what I wanted, Blackberry….

  27. Reading comments by others-love removable battery, would love a tablet or laptop in Pi, curious though of what the operating system would be like and bloat wear preinstalled apps which I’ll never use taking up space. If I’m not going to use an app, I want to remove it.
    Currently my iphone sits on a table at home, I don’t like being tracked.

  28. If Elon is sticking it to apple, he should also stick it to the surveillance state and produce a phone with a removable battery.

  29. In my mind if i think about tesla phone and iphone it’s chosen Tesla even its not released because tesla always unique and some thing new inventions.

  30. If the price is right I would switch in a heartbeat. I may switch to Starlink as well.

    • I have been using starlink for my home and have great experience with it! Couldn’t get reliable service in middle of nowhere (Kansas), I recommend starlink.

  31. Bring it. I’ll drop my 13 right now.

  32. Looks like the phone would use Musk’s Starlink as opposed to cell towers?

    • That’s what I have been thinking. Basically an affordable satellite phone with zero holes in coverage globally. Everyone will switch to this phone. As someone who occasionally travels internationally, not having the hassle of having to find a compatible SIM card for local coverage is an enticement.

  33. Wow i hope he does, i bought iphone and somehow i messed up with my password and entered wrong one in toooo many times, Apple informed me it would take 27 days to reset my password. Verizon called Apple where i bought the iphone at so you would think they knew it was NOT stolen. I told Apple i would never buy another with their kind of customer service. It is still locked and i paid 1k for that. Never again Apple. Mr Musk ought to do a laptop tooo???

  34. What’s the price to get net services? Are they Tesla satellites? Regular phone service or net? Repair services? Television/movie/sports services? I expect so and would join if it was here, providing the service pricing stays reasonable.

  35. I would love this phone. Anything that Tesla makes is superior to anything else out there. Please let me know when the Tesla Pi phone comes out!

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