Spotify Playlist Creators Option Missing iOS

Spotify’s Playlist Creators Option Missing on iOS: All You Need to Know

Spotify has been one of the most used music streaming platforms. The reason for this is pretty simple. It allows your favorite songs and podcasts in one place, the suggestions brought to you per your liking. It also allows connecting to friends via playlists. Apart from this, the ongoing updates keep improving the user experience, making the platform even better.

However, at the same time, during updates, the situation gets worse. The arrived update sometimes brings bugs and issues with it apart from the fixes and improvements. The same has happened this time as well. The latest patch has caused inconveniences to the users.

“Playlist Creators” not showing on iOS after the latest update

With the recent update, Spotify users are complaining that the “Playlist Creators” section is not showing up in their menu. This has irritated many of them. For now, the issue is limited to iOS users only.

It is not the first time the situation has become bad via an update. Similar things had happened in the past. Several complaints suggest that the update worsens the application instead of solving the problem. Interestingly, the “Playlist Creators” issue persists and has not been solved.

To those unaware, the Playlist Creators is an alternate way of generating revenue by playing your songs. The structure is based on how much people like your content or playlists. However, this doesn’t tell exactly who is listening to your songs. However, the option is missing from the iOS platform because of the latest update.

playlist creators
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The aggressive reaction to the action can be easily reflected on various social media handles. The users are unhappy about the change as Spotify has sufficient subscribers.

A Twitter (Now X) user has confirmed that he cannot see the option under his playlists for a few days. A Reddit user is facing the same problem and shared it on the platform. An iOS user said that Spotify refuses to show “Playlists Creator” beneath his playlists. Likewise, several consumers are facing the issue.

The above statement proves the severity of the issue integrated with Spotify’s “Playlist Creators.” It doesn’t stop with this; even if the users try to browse the personalized playlists, the option is not yet visible.

We don’t know the actual reason behind the problem’s existence. It might be stacked upon an official playlist or something. One interesting point is that the option becomes visible whenever someone presses the share button. Nevertheless, performing this multiple times to discover the specific button is frustrating.

Additionally, the issue is not limited to the “Playlist Creators” option missing itself. Some users even report that they cannot load the lyrics. The problem is severe and has affected the masses. On top of that, the update frequently messes up the app’s user experience as well.

Some users have tried basic troubleshooting methods like uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing the application cache, etc. But nothing seems to be helpful. Everyone approaches to try such primary means, hoping it will likely solve their problem. However, in this case, it is of no use.

Unfortunately, we also don’t have any workaround for the same. Luckily, the official support team has responded and knows the matter. They are currently investigating it. Let’s hope that they provide us with a fix very soon.

Rest assured, are you also facing the problem of “Playlist Creators” missing? Do you find any solution to it? Let us know in the comments section below. We will update the post if anything arises regarding the matter, so keep an eye out for the same.

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