Spotify Wrapped 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022 Not Working or Showing Up for Some Users on Android and iOS

Spotify is a really popular music streaming service that lets you listen to tracks from a huge library of artists. The app is completely free to use. You can subscribe to the premium tier, which streams songs at a higher bit rate. This also has no advert interruptions. You get more playlists and shuffle options, too.

Since 2016, Spotify has been giving all of its users something called Spotify Wrapped. It’s basically a compilation of your top songs, artists, and genres this year. It creates a Spotify-wrapped playlist after learning your listening habits in the past year. It’s personalized and unique to you.

It’s a huge indirect marketing campaign since several users share their Spotify Wrapped everywhere on social media. This year, Spotify Wrapped includes custom messages from over 40,000 artists. Starting this year, you can also see your listening personality out of the 16 available ones.

Wrapped 2022

You can share your Spotify Wrapped on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. There’s a new personalized lens that depicts your music personality if you’re on Snapchat. There are Wrapped GIFs too. Audio day, a partnership with Roblox, live concerts, and merchandise from your favorite artists are all new features for this year’s wrapped.

All this sounds great, but unfortunately, many people have reported that their annual Spotify Wrapped has not been showing up and that they’re facing problems accessing their list of favorite songs and artists.

Users are reporting, “My most streamed song, Christmas Tree by V, is not showing up on Spotify Wrapped.”

A global rollout of the feature already occurred on 30th November. Spotify’s official Wrapped page clearly says that 2022 Wrapped is only available on the Spotify app on both Android and iOS. Still, several users complained that the feature hasn’t appeared on their mobile app (iOS & Android).

Spotify has officially tweeted that the annual wrap is out, but users must update to the latest version of the Spotify app on their device to get it. However, many people on Twitter have communicated that Spotify just shows a playlist of the top songs they listened to. Still, it isn’t showing a curated compilation of their favorite artists, genres, and tracks.

Some people are on the latest version of the Spotify app, but the app refuses to show their annual wrap despite checking multiple times.

Spotify has not yet officially acknowledged the problem. Still, since several users have been experiencing a similar problem where they cannot access their curated playlists, we hope it gets addressed soon.

For now, you can try some basic troubleshooting methods like signing out and signing back in, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, refreshing the app every few hours, etc., to see if your annual compilation shows up. If it does not, then Spotify is rolling the feature out gradually to its users and not all at once.

Provided you’re on the latest version, and you still don’t see it, then it’s most likely due to the feature being made available to people gradually to avoid inconsistency and bugs. Another potential workaround is that you can simply force-close the app on Android.

You can find the app after locating it in Settings, or you can long press on the app and select App Info, after which you will see an option to Force Close the app. If you force close it, people have reported that their Wrapped has shown up.

Since the rollout was on 30th November and only one day has barely passed since then, you should hopefully see the feature made available to you really soon.

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