Spotify Frequent Crashes

Spotify App Crashes When Playing Liked Songs, Issue Acknowledged

Various music streaming applications, like YouTube Music, Apple Music, etc., are available online. Among all of them, Spotify is one of the preferred music streaming platforms. The users chose it because of its simplicity, easy user interface, and distinctive list of song partitions.

However, things are not as good as they should be. Several users are facing problems while running the application. This results in interrupting Spotify’s functionality and seamless playback support.

The issue is associated with the application. The affected users have stated that Spotify crashes whenever they try to play a song from their fonded lists. The users have vented their anger on various social media platforms in search of a practical solution and checking if the problem is there only with them or if many others are also affected.

Regular Spotify users who want to listen to their favorite songs must be frustrated and irritated. They cannot listen to the songs from their list, resulting in anger. For reference, a user states that his application closes or crashes whenever he clicks a song from his liked list.

For now, the issue is limited to the list only. However, the users are also concerned that they might be soon interrupted playing the songs saved in their respective playlists. Hence, they are worried that this will stop them from listening to their favorite ones.

Spotify App Crashes

Nevertheless, the problem seems dedicatedly associated with Android, and the iPhone is immune for now. It is also working fine on the web version.

The users encountering the problem have tried general troubleshooting methods like clearing the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the application, and restarting the phone. But none of them turns out to be helpful, and they are left with no solutions on their own.

Unfortunately, we also don’t have any potential workaround to help you resolve the application crashing issue whenever you try to play songs from your liked lists.

We will try to add any solution in the future if available. For a good part, the official team is aware of the problem and has acknowledged it on their online forums and said that they are investigating the issue.

The company has asked you to provide basic information about your device and app. You need to share your device’s model and the current Android version your device is running on. Also, share the Spotify version you are currently running and the troubleshooting methods you have tried. Fill in with the accurate information so that the company responds positively and the issue gets resolved.

We hope that the Spotify team resolves the issue as soon as possible by trying any means, as the users not being able to hear the song they want will ultimately let them switch to another music streaming platform, resulting in the company’s customer decrement. We will update the post if any follow-up update appears and any official response by the team.

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