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Snapchat My AI Posts its Own Story: All You Need to Know

Snapchat is a popular social media app, and people use it to share instant snippets of their lives with their friends. The content disappears once the user views it, and there are options to reply or save some images and videos in the chat.

They make money from the Discover tab, where brands show their advertisements. You can create an avatar of yourself, and they call it a Bitmoji. Since Snapchat is about keeping in touch with your friends’ daily lives, it’s weird that they now have an AI chatbot.

With the rise of conversational AI tools in 2023, almost every app now has an AI chatbot that helps you navigate the app or answer random questions. Snapchat’s AI is to have arbitrary conversations or help you use the app.

It’s fast and convenient and uses natural language processing to give you an output. It uses algorithms and constantly learns and improves over time via Machine Learning. AI chatbots are much better than conventional chatbots, which operate without much natural language processing.

They replicate human conversations much better and are user-friendly and personalized. It’s also a fun and engaging way to kill some time, not to mention it’s a good source of information.

However, there are many problems and risks with Snapchat’s AI. Just like any AI chatbot, it risks sharing incorrect or incomplete information. No information from AI should be treated as a fact without proper checking from valid sources. AI can only kickstart something and provide a base, but it’s still not good enough for us to rely on it entirely.

We also have typical concerns with privacy and data collection. Snapchat collects user data and conversation data to improve the chatbot over time, and this is always polarizing. Thankfully, you do have the option to clear all your AI data within the app.

While GPT-3 is successful at natural language processing, it’s not enough to replace human interaction and conversation. A key reason is the amount of annoying software bugs.

Snapchat’s My AI Glitched and Posted Mysterious Stories

According to an article from Endgadget, the AI tool is heavily malfunctioning. There were many technical issues, and this new bug lets My AI upload stories. Snapchat’s My AI cannot upload stories, and this is just a weird glitch. Snapchat could add AI stories with a later update, and that’s a possible reason for this bug.

It posts one-second-long stories and then goes utterly unresponsive until you reopen the app, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. According to a report on X, the bot randomly posted a two-tone image to its story for no good reason. The user, assuming it was their ceiling, was understandably confused.

It wouldn’t reply after posting the story and would go completely blank. The only response it gave was that there were technical issues. This whole scenario led to many jokes on the internet about AI going sentient.

A spokesperson said this was a temporary outage, and My AI cannot upload stories. It was a technical issue in the end.

Meanwhile, My AI will continue to evolve with more features. It can offer AR filter recommendations, suggest popular restaurants, offer AI inputs in group chats and texts, etc. Eventually, Snapchat is planning to add a text-to-image AI generator, too.

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