May 28, 2020 2:41 AM
Airtel Xstream Smart Stick

How to Set Up and Use Your Airtel Xstream Smart Stick?

With Xstream smart stick you can watch content from OTT platforms to your TV

Airtel will soon launch the all-new Airtel Xstream Smart Stick which is very similar to Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick. Airtel Xstream will provide OTT content to its customers. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can set up and use your Smart Stick and watch OTT content on your TV. So, without any further due, let’s get started.

Airtel Xstream Smart Stick

If you are already familiar with the OTT services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hoichoi, etc then you might have noticed that there are few devices from different brands which are called sticks and these devices come with an HDMI plug which can be paired with a TV and the OTT contents can be streamed directly to the TV without any other device. The Xstream Smart Stick is also a similar product from Airtel. The company has also renamed their “Airtel TV App” to “Airtel Xstream” and the stick is called Xstream Smart Stick. It comes with in-built Chromecast support and Google Assistant button on remote for voice search.

How to Set Up Xstream Smart Stick?

  • First of all, take your smartphone.
  • Open the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Search for the “Airtel Xstream” app or install it from here
  • Once you have installed the app, open it.
  • Plug-in the Smart Stick Device to your TV using HDMI port.
  • Now give power to the Stick so that it can function.
  • Avoid powering the device from the TV itself. Use a separate power source to run the stick.
  • Pair the stick with your mobile using Xstream app via 4 digit PIN.

Xstream Smart Stick Set Up

  • Now you need to buy a plan for smart stick from the Xstream app on your phone.
  • If you are already subscribed to any Xstream plan, no need to purchase again.
  • Once your plan is active, you will be able to see OTT content on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which subscriptions will be available on Airtel Xstream?

  • Eros Now, HOOQ, ALTBalaji, Hoichoi (Bengali & Hindi), Hungama, etc.

Where to input the 4 digit code to pair Stick & App?

  • Navigate to Airtel Xstream app > Register > Menu > Xstream Smart Stick Card > Tap on the card > Pair with Tv > Enter your 4 Digit code here!

Is Xstream Smart Stick compatible with all TVs?

  • Technically whatever TV you are using must have an HDMI port in order to connect the Stick. Most of the modern LCD & LED TVs have at least one HDMI port. But for old TVs or in case your TV does not provide you with the option of HDMI port, you can buy an HDMI to VGA adapter and use it to connect the Smart Stick to any TV.

From where I can purchase Xstream Plans?

  • You can browse the Xstream Plans on your mobile using Airtel Xstream app, choose any and recharge from there.

Can I watch content on Smart Stick without any plan?

  • No, You must recharge with any Xstream plan in order to enjoy the content.

Can I use my Chromecast on Xstream Smart Stick?

  • Yes! That’s possible! You just need to connect your phone to the same Wifi network as the stick and launch the app > tap on Chromecast icon > Select “SmartStick – HP2707” That’s it. Now you can enjoy the content on your TV.

How do I connect to Wifi?

  • You have to access the wifi section on the settings page to connect to Wifi.

How to use profile creation and management feature?

  • Go to the bottom tab on the left navigation panel or access “Manage Profiles” section in the settings page to create/edit/delete profiles.

I am unable to play content because of concurrent devices error ___. How to Solve?

  • It means you are currently using Xstream benefits on your plan on more than 3 devices. To solve, you need to log out or stop streaming from the other 3 devices.

Can I watch the content of my favourite regional language?

  • Yes, Smart Stick offers you TV shows/Movies across 14 languages. You just have to select the language under the ‘Content Languages’ section in settings.

How do I change the playback quality of video on Xstream?

  • To change playback quality, go to the settings icon visible on the player controls. After changing the playback quality to your preferred setting, the same will be replicated for all your subsequent views.

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