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Samsung's New Design Patent
Samsung's New Design Patent

Samsung’s New Design Patent Gets Approved by KIPO in South Korea

Samsung filed a patent at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) with registration number 30-0928968. The patent was filed in late 2016, registered on October 25 and finalised on November 1. Along with the patent notes, there are also designs for a new smartphone which states that the solid lines in the patent images as shown below are the portions of the design which have been registered. The patent notes also claim another manufacturer cannot make the similar shape of this design for their smartphone which applies.

The specific shape of the design has a confidential so that other manufacturers don’t apply in their designs. The materials listed on the patent are synthetic resin and metal. Interestingly the of is only eligible if the shape and materials used are the same. There is no mention of placement of parts like speakers, sensors, 3.5 mm jack, charging point and camera. The patent applies to the oval-shaped physical button but not for the physical power button and volume rocker.


We don’t know whether the device patent is for already released smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 or for the future devices like foldable smartphone Galaxy X or Galaxy S9, but the patent is filed under the designation “Items to be designed” which points it to the direction of a device yet to be released.

Earlier this year we have seen a patent at Korean Intellectual Property Office which showed an S8 like design, but the patent was filed earlier than the Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S8 in December 2016. But the thing is Samsung is one of the top smartphone manufacturing companies in the world with a research division who files patents on a daily basis, and hundreds of them get approved annually. However, only a small fraction of these patents get to production.

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