w20 5g poster
Samsung W20 5G Poster/ China Telecom

Samsung W20 5G Foldable Phone to Launch in China on November 19

Samsung faced a setback when they first introduced the Galaxy Fold. Many had issues with the front screen, particularly the hinge. Soon after, Samsung called all the Galaxy fold devices back and re-tweaked them to some extent. After that, it was made available to consumers again, and now this device is selling out in all parts of the world. The mere idea of using a folding phone makes everyone feel curious enough to either have it as their own or try it to see how the future will be.

Now, it has not been long since the Galaxy Fold was officially made available to the masses, and now we are receiving confirmed news that Samsung is already launching its second folding phone later this month. There have been rumors about a second folding phone from Samsung, but one so soon as November is quite unbelievable. It seems like Samsung is trying to bounce back after the backlash they faced when launching the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This new device launching soon in China on November 19 is the Samsung W20 5G.

Samsung W20 invite
Samsung W20 5G Invite/ China Telecom

This confirmed news came in when an invite surfaced online, revealing the design and launch date of the new device. The poster says 5G everywhere, undoubtedly providing coverage for 5G services. Additionally, there is a visual representation of the Samsung W20 5G on the invite, which reveals that this will be a folding phone. It also has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, similar to what we see on the Galaxy Fold. As far as the design is concerned, the hinge will be in an inward direction. Hopefully, Samsung will not repeat the mistake this time, and we will see a better implementation with even fewer bezels and hopefully even a punch-hole display rather than the notched display we see on the Galaxy Fold.

As for the specifications, nothing is yet revealed about Samsung W20 5G. The invite, besides a picture of the phone, only has the date for the launch along with the venue. Since it is a 5G phone, we might see the top-of-the-line Exynos 990 chip here. Apart from that, we will have Samsung’s Super AMOLED panel for a pleasant viewing experience on such a big screen. Apart from this, though, nothing much is known about this device. We will have to wait until the device is launched officially in China on November 19.

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