Samsung update Expert RAW older flagships

Will your Samsung Galaxy Phone Support the Expert RAW App?

Samsung’s Expert RAW app now supports its 2020 flagships

In 2021, Samsung launched a new app called Expert RAW. This app gives users complete control over the phone’s cameras. It’s mainly like the Pro mode we generally see in the camera apps of most Android phones, except that the photos captured using Expert RAW take advantage of the hardware to a much greater extent.

Samsung’s Expert RAW app supported phones list

Up until now, Expert RAW was only compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra Galaxy S22 series, Z Fold 3 and Z Fold 4. But, according to Go Android, Samsung will soon roll out a new update to the app, adding its support to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the Galaxy ZFold 2.

Samsung announced this via a community post. It also stated that the processing time and the quality of photos might vary depending on the age and processing power of the phones. The experience you will get using Expert RAW in an older flagship would be inferior to what you will get in the relatively new ones. That is pretty much expected. Besides, older flagships may also miss out on a few features as they do not have the required hardware to support them.

Reportedly, the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy Note 20 are not eligible for the Expert Raw app as the telephoto lens on these handsets does not deliver 2x optical zoom.

If you are not familiar with Expert RAW, then do not worry. Continue reading to get to know a little about the app.

What is Expert RAW & what does it do?

This app is built for photography enthusiasts or people who want to play around with their phone cameras and get the best results. You can get the app on the Galaxy Store if your phone supports it.

What is Expert RAW

Using Expert RAW, you can shoot in RAW while also taking advantage of a better dynamic range, thanks to multi-frame HDR. This app’s controls include a histogram tool, EV, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focus, metering, etc. It is essentially a much-refined version of Pro mode.

To take advantage of these RAW files, you need to edit them according to your taste. And for that, you require software that supports editing these files. Some Android apps that do so include Google’s Snapseed, Adobe’s Lightroom, VSCO, etc.

Note that Expert RAW can not be used to capture selfies, take videos, or dedicated portraits. So, in conclusion, it’s a very nice touch to enhance the photography experience on a smartphone. But it can surely not replace the standard camera app, which, unlike Expert RAW, has more diversity in its features.

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