Galaxy S9/ S9+
Galaxy S9/ S9+ | Photo Credit: Samsung

Samsung Launches Galaxy S9/S9+ Experience App

South Korean manufacturing giant Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S9 and the higher Galaxy S9+ smartphone. The company launched an Experience App for both flagships, offering insight into using the devices. However, it is not the company’s first launch of such an app. It was also launched for the Galaxy Note 8 last year.

The app can be downloaded on almost every Android smartphone from Marshmallow 6.0 and up and contains some videos and details that outline the key features of both the Galaxy S9 and the S9+. The app is divided into four main segments: New Camera, S9 Accessories, Helpful Applications, and Device Specifications.

Galaxy S9 Experience App
Galaxy S9/S9+ Experience App

The camera section divulges into the new camera technology, which has been developed from the ground up. The Galaxy S9 series contains the world’s first mechanical aperture, which means you can physically see the shutter opening and closing while clicking photos. It also informs about the slow-motion features, AR emojis, and other things.

The S9 accessories section offers information about potentially useful first-party peripherals. The Helpful Applications shows demos for Samsung’s Smart Switch and App Pair utilities, and the last section informs about the smartphone’s inside and outside spec list. You can even compare them with previously launched Galaxy devices.

Overall, it’s a smooth app and gives you a feeling that you are using one of the Galaxy S9 series smartphones. It is a helpful app for users planning to buy the S9/S9+ smartphone or are confused about upgrading from last year’s Galaxy S8 series. The app is free in the Play Store, and you can download it directly and get a taste of the S9/S9+ experience.

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