Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Everything We Know So Far

Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was launched last year, was a revolutionary step in the world of smartphones. Yes, it faced a few hiccups with the screen, and the launch was delayed. However, the next generation Galaxy Fold device will take away all the criticism that is built around Samsung. The next-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold device will be called the Galaxy Z Flip. So, let’s look at the specifications and features along with the release date of this new upcoming flagship.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

There were rumors that this would be called the Fold 2 following last year’s Fold. There were even rumors suggesting the name would be ‘Bloom.’ Many believed this to be true, too, that is, until a reliable tipster posted on Twitter about this new device. His post has a picture that says Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Even the caption on it reads the same if it is not clear. Looking at the leaked design, flip seems like the perfect name.


In terms of design, this approach from Samsung is quite different from what we saw on the original Fold. Here, we will see a clamshell design, making it compact when it is in the folded state. A few pictures of the Z Flip have surfaced online via LetsGoDigital, which showcase this new clamshell design. However, in the pictures, there are pretty large bezels all around. Now, this extra bezel might be there to protect the display, especially around the hinge area. In terms of screen size, it is rumored to come with a 6.7-inch Infinity O display. There is a secondary display present there on the outside. This might function as a screen for notifications when the phone is in a folded state. Samsung also filed a patent for an ultra-thin glass recently. What sort of protection this ultra-thin glass provides, we will have to see in the future.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is said to come with a Snapdragon 855 chip. So, it will be a 4G-only device from Samsung. Even though the Snapdragon 865 is out there now, still opting for a year-old processor means Samsung is planning to keep the cost down so that more people can join the flip family. Even though this is a year-old processor, it is still a very powerful smartphone processor. There won’t be an issue regarding speed, especially considering how well-optimized Samsung’s ONE UI is. As for storage, we have heard rumors about a 256GB variant. And for the battery, it is said that we will have two batteries considering the new clamshell design along with support for 45W fast charging from Samsung.

As for optics, nothing concrete has come forward. We see a single lens cutout on the front and a dual camera setup on the exterior side of the device. Some say it will feature the latest 108MP camera lens from Samsung, but there are also rumors about a 12MP lens, which seems more accurate. As of now, we are certain we will see three cameras in total, but nothing is certain about the megapixel count or the aperture size.

Release Date

  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be launched on February 11, 2020.

Samsung has announced the date as February 11 via its Twitter account, where we will see a bunch of devices from Samsung. This includes the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup. We will also see the next Samsung fold smartphone released alongside these flagships for sure.

Price in India

  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip price in India could be around Rs. 60,499.

Samsung has developed the Galaxy Z Flip with a few compromises. They attempt to make this device more widely available to the masses. Sources are saying Samsung will launch this device at a starting price of around 850$. This is significantly less than what we saw from Samsung’s previous generation fold devices. If the rumors hold, then this device might just be the home run from Samsung for the year 2020.

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