Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Render | Photo Credit: @evleaks/ Twitter

Samsung Galaxy S9 to Come with New Intelligent Scan Feature

The new “Intelligent Scan” feature may combine the information of the Iris Scanner and the front camera to improve performance in different environments

South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung is all geared up for the launch of its S9 flagship series next month. We previously reported the Galaxy S9 would be coming with a new improved Iris Scanner that works in new visibility and also reduces the response time. Now according to a new report, the smartphone will be coming with a new feature called “Intelligent Scan” which isn’t currently present in any Samsung model. The source mentioned it to be present in Samsung’s settings app.

The company has not announced or even mention this “Intelligent Scanner” feature which could mean a lot of things. The new feature is described in a YouTube video where Samsung explains it as a combination of Iris scanner and Face recognition Technology which could enhance the performance in low lit conditions.

Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan Feature
Galaxy S9/S9+ Intelligent Scan Feature | Photo Credit: Maxwell Weinbach/ Youtube

From the video it likely that the feature will be combining the limited information provided by the Iris Scanner and also the front camera to detect whoever is trying to access the device. Also, it can also help in situations when the eyes are not directly pointed at the smartphone or are half closed. Or it may include both the system and we can choose over whatever we want for our security. The Iris scanner may work better in darkness, but the front camera works better in another situation.

This feature will be included in the Galaxy S9 and also possibly for the Galaxy S9 Plus. Since there is no need for external hardware than the Iris scanner, the feature may also be included in the future updates of previous flagship Galaxy S8 and Note 8. The Galaxy S9 series is scheduled to launch on February 25 where the company will be providing information about this new feature.

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