September 25, 2020 11:31 AM
Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT
Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT Edition (Image Courtesy:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X 99 Avant Limited Edition Launched in South Korea

This limited edition Galaxy Note comes with 256 GB of storage

Launching smartphones with some customisation in the guise of the limited edition is becoming a common trend among manufacturers despite putting them in a higher price tag. Yesterday only we saw the launch of the OnePlus 5T Star Wars limited edition. Now Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 8 X 99 Avant Limited Edition in Korea.

The smartphone is designed by joining hands with 99 Avant and will be limited to only 99 units. The limited unit has no special designs on the casting but offers a separate hand-crafted case that features the exclusive artwork with tiger theme and signature of Han Seung-Woo. The device sports a unique AVA code to attest to its authenticity. Additionally, we are getting some specially made wallpapers and icons based on artworks from 99 Avant. Also, we will have a separate print (69 x 45 cm)in size that we can hang on the wall.

Other than the mentions customisations, the device comes with 256 GB of storage. The device is a standard Galaxy Note 8 with the same specs and the inbuilt stylus. As of now, the device is only available in Korea and comes with a huge price tag of 1,991,000 Won (Rs. 1,17,227 approx).

This a huge leap of price from the regular version but then it is also a limited edition variant. It’s common to see these limited editions with a huge price tag as evident from the launch of the LG V30 signature edition priced at $1,800 ( Rs 1,17,000 approx). The question is what are these customisations worth the huge price tag associated with these phones. After all, we are just getting artwork customisations and not spec upgradation.

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