Samsung Camera Assistant App: How to Download on Your Galaxy Phone?

The camera of the South Korean tech giant is already performing decently well. The cameras are sufficient to capture good-quality photos and videos in the respective price range. But to make the camera perform even better and improve its capability, Samsung is trying hard to implement as many features as possible. They are trying to provide the users with different applications, excluding the native stock camera app, to improve the camera experience. One of the applications is the recent ‘Samsung Camera Assistant App.’

Samsung Camera Assistant App adds more settings, features, and other necessary toggles that users want to get. They recently unveiled Expert RAW mode, an app with more features than the stock camera application. However, it is limited to Samsung’s premium flagship smartphones and only with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and their Folds like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4. So, for all Galaxy users to experience more features, including the features of the stock camera application, Samsung has brought the Samsung Camera Assistant App. Please read the article to learn more about the app, its features, how it will work on your device, how to download it, etc.

Update February 12: With the launch of One UI 5.1 and the Galaxy S23 lineup, Samsung has added new Camera Assistant features and brought lots of improvement. This includes a Quick tap shutter, Revamped Capture speed feature, an Improved Picture softening feature, and more. The Camera Assistant will arrive on more high-end Galaxy smartphones. All Galaxy S handsets starting the Galaxy S20 lineup and Galaxy Note 20 lineup will get the new Camera Assistant app.

What is the Samsung Camera Assistant App?

The recent Samsung Developer Conference 2022 showcased the latest One UI 5 firmware update based on Android 13. On the same day, they also announced that new Good Lock plugins are coming, including a new Camera Assistant app.

Samsung’s Camera Assistant App allows you to customize your default camera app settings on your Galaxy phone. With the announcement of the app, it unlocks many exciting features, too. With the help of the application, you will be able to set different options & settings based on your preferences. This also helps you to customize the Auto mode of the camera application.

Samsung’s Camera Assistant App includes the following options and features:

  • Auto HDR.
  • Soften pictures.
  • Auto lens switching.
  • Video recording in Photo mode.
  • Several pictures after the timer.
  • Faster shutter.
  • Camera timeout.
  • Clean preview on HDMI displays.

We have discussed the above features and options from Samsung’s Camera Assistant App in detail below. Let’s have a look at it.

  • Auto HDR: This feature lets you capture more details in bright and dark areas of your pictures and videos. If the HDR mode is ON, the camera will concentrate more on the subject. If the HDR mode is OFF, the camera will focus on the background more, keeping the object visible.

auto hdr Camera Assistant

  • Soften Pictures: It smooths out sharp edges and textures in Photo mode pictures. When it is turned ON, you will get soft photo skin and hair expression. You will get detailed and vivid textured photos when it is turned off. The feature is only applicable when using Photo mode and Portrait mode.

soften Camera Assistant

  • Auto Lens Switching: This option automatically selects the best lens based on the object’s zoom, lighting, and distance. When ON, it automatically switches to a wide-angle lens at 3x magnification or higher to achieve bright images. When OFF, clear optical zoom photography is possible with a telephoto lens at 3x magnification or higher. (Note – The result will be slightly dark).
  • Video Recording in Photo Mode: Once you turn on this mode, you can record videos in Photo mode by holding the Shutter button.

Video Recording in Photo Mode

  • Number of Pictures after Timer: You can select the option if you want maximum pictures of a particular scene. You can set a timer, and you will be able to click a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 7 photos at a time when the timer is ON. Use it when you don’t want to press a shutter button and want a steady picture.
  • Faster Shutter: This feature speeds up the shutter by capturing fewer frames. Each time you press the button, you can experience a series of pictures at super-fast speed. This will help you select better shots from the captured ones. (Note – It will decrease the image quality).
  • Camera Timeout: This feature helps you save your device’s battery life. The camera will automatically get turned OFF if it is not used for a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. You can set this adjustment in the settings, which includes the time gap of 1, 2, 5, and 10 minutes.
  • Clean Preview on HDMI displays: You can use this option to preview without settings or buttons on HDMI-connected displays. When the device is connected to an external display, the setting, if enabled, will allow only the pure preview screen.

How to Download the Samsung Camera Assistant App?

  • You need to first download the Good Lock app from here.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Download the Samsung’s Camera Assistant App from the Galaxy Store.
  • Install it on your device.

launch Camera Assistant

To start using the applications, make the following changes: 

  • Open the default camera app on your device.
  • Give access to the Camera Assistant App by switching the toggle ON.
  • In the Camera Assistant App settings, turn the toggle ON/OFF to use the above features.

customize Camera Assistant

To use the Camera Assistant App on your device, you have to make sure about the following: 

  • You should first have Samsung’s Good Lock app on your device, or else the Camera Assistant App will not work. The procedure for downloading it has been discussed above.
  • Samsung’s Camera Assistant App will only work if your device runs on One UI 5 or later based on Android 13.

This was all about Samsung’s new Camera Assistant App, its features and options, how to use it, how to download it, and how it works. We hope the article provided you with the relevant information you were searching for.

Do you like Samsung’s new Camera Assistant App? Do you like the features embedded in it apart from the default Galaxy Camera app? Do tell us in the comments section below. Or, if you have tried using the application earlier, you can share your experience with us. We will be happy to see that. Make sure to be connected with us for other tech guides, as we provide them when something comes up.

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