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How to Reset a Forgotten Windows 11 Password

Resetting a Windows 11 Microsoft account password is fairly straightforward

In today’s world, we use multiple websites, apps, and systems. And most of them require a user ID and password to log in, and the same goes with Windows 11. Remembering all the passwords is a bit hard. However, we have password lockers these days but not all use them. So in case, If you have forgotten the password of Windows 11 here’s how you can reset it. We have mentioned all the steps below. The steps mentioned below most probably work for both local accounts and Microsoft users.

Steps to reset a forgotten password on Windows 11

  • First of all, you have to turn on the PC, and obviously, you can’t access anything on the PC, as you have forgotten the password.
  • Now open up the lock screen and now you’ll see a forgot password option. Click on that, choose your Microsoft account (If you’re using multiple users), enter the password of that particular account, and click on proceed.
  • Now it will show on the available option to reset the password, It will show Send text code on XXX12 (Your registered mobile number). Click on that.
  • Now you will get a prompt asking for the last four digits of the mobile number, for example, if your mobile number is 1234512345, enter the last four digits, i.e. 2345 and click on the Next button.
  • If you have entered the details correctly, it will now send a one-time password (OTP) to your registered mobile number, Enter the OTP in the required field and click verify.
  • Now, you will see small terms and conditions, read them if required, and click on the Next button. Enter your desired password and pin and proceed.
  • Your PC will now successfully boot up straight into the home screen. Hurray, your Windows 11 password has been reset successfully!

Reset your Windows 11 local account password

Microsoft has made using the local account harder in Windows 11 itself. But if you’re still using the local account and have forgotten the password. Here’s what you can do to retrieve it.

Step 1:

Skip this if you have already added the security question

In the local account, adding the security question is of utmost necessity, in case you forget the password or pin of your PC. To add the security question in Windows 11. Head over to the Settings application and go to the Accounts option and Sign-in option. Under the Manage how you sign in to your device section, click Password, then select the Update your security questions link.

Now choose your desired question and enter whatever answer you want and note it down somewhere else. You can add up to three different security questions, after adding the question, click on Finish. Your security questions have been added successfully. Let’s see how you can recover the password now.

Step 2:

If you have forgotten the password made using a local account, Go to the lock screen, and there, you’ll get an option “Reset Password” and now simply choose the question you remember from the dropdown menu. Answer it and proceed. If you have done all the steps correctly, you’ll now get a prompt asking for a new password. Enter the new password or pin you want and click on Next. Congratulations, your Windows 11 password has been reset successfully.

Note: The steps mentioned for the Mircosoft account have been tested by us and found to be working. So, we can confirm that the method for Microsoft account will work. But still, we can’t confirm that the Local method will work or not. But most probably, it should!

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