Pixel 7a Facing Screen Quality Issues: Low Brightness, Yellow Tint, Screen Flickering

The Search Engine Tech Giant recently unveiled a new addition to the Pixel A series: Pixel 7a. Compared to the predecessor, it came with 90Hz support, an improved camera, and a Tensor G2 chipset. The smartphone was released on May 11, 2023. The phone is similar to Pixel 7, but the screen size is smaller, making it compact.

Not to mention, as per rumors ongoing, the Pixel 7a is possibly going to be the last ‘A’ series Pixel device, and we may not see the Pixel 8a and so on. Google Pixel smartphones have also faced several crises regarding quality control issues.

The new Pixel 7a is also starting to face issues where users are experiencing screen quality issues. They also have left grievances on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

The users are struggling with two issues: one with a low brightness level and another with a yellow tint issue. Yellowish tint issues have been found to exist when the phone’s brightness is somewhat less. However, if the brightness is 100%, no such problems exist.

The issue is not limited to low brightness levels and yellow tint, and some users are even experiencing screen flickering when the device’s ‘Extra Dim’ feature is turned ON. This happens at the edge of the screen when it is almost black when the feature is activated.

It is important to note that similar issues have been found with some Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users. They have assumed this to be a software bug, which the company has not responded to yet.

One user even states that the display of the Pixel 7a is unacceptable for 2023. Another user also interpreted that the Pixel 7a display is even worse than Pixel 4a. Here is the user who found a flickering screen issue occurring with the smartphone in extreme dark-screen conditions.

Likewise, several cases exist with the Pixel 7 series owners, especially with the Pixel 7a device ongoing with issues like low brightness level, yellowish tint, and screen flickering.

To make the device’s display performance even worse, the popular YouTuber MKBHD has also identified color-shifting or banding issues when viewed from certain angles.

The reason behind such issues can likely be hardware issues, leading to quality control. Google needs to verify the display components as there are many problems with Pixel 7a owners. If it is a software issue, the company must resolve it as soon as possible.

Overall, the Pixel 7a is severely surrounded by severe display issues. Also, there is no official response from the company since the Pixel 7 series also faces such display issues. Unfortunately, we also don’t have any workarounds to help you resolve the problem temporarily.

We sincerely hope that Google will provide a solution or push an update to fix all the existing display issues with the Pixel 7 series, especially with the Pixel 7a, soon, as it has turned out to be the worst display in its price category. Let’s wait for the official confirmation from the company.

We will keep updating the post based on the changes and any official response from the company.

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