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Pixel 7 Black Screen and Unresponsive Problem: Here’s How to Fix?

It could be a software related bug

Google recently launched their brand new Pixel 7 series in October this year. Both the vanilla Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro are powered by Google’s new Tensor G2, which was developed by Google and Samsung together. Looking at the specifications, it is safe to say that Google has stuck with minor upgrades this time, though both devices are pretty good.

Although both the Pixels have received positive feedback so far, they are still not safe from issues. On Reddit, several users of the Pixel 7 series have reported their phone screens going black and the device being unresponsive. One person has even mentioned that the phone remains on after the screen goes black, as it still vibrates upon pressing the power button.

While the exact reason has not been found yet, several theories exist about why this issue occurs. So far, this looks more like a software problem than a hardware one.

You must note that since the exact cause of the issue has not been identified yet, the only way to fix it is just a potential workaround. Moreover, it gets rid of the problem only temporarily.

2 Ways to Fix Black Screen and Unresponsive Issues on Pixel 7

Method 1: Restart Your Phone

Press and hold the volume up and power buttons, both at the same time. Keep it like that until you see the Google boot-up logo. This should fix your problem for a while. You can watch the solution video on the HowToDroids Youtube channel.

Method 2: Turn on Safe Mode

Another method you can try is “Turn on safe mode”. After turning on the safe mode, touch the screen. If your screen is working, an app could be the culprit of the issue. You can exit the safe mode by restarting your phone. Now you should uninstall all recently downloaded apps and see if that helps.

safe mode pixel

Unfortunately, Google has not given any statements regarding this nuisance faced by users. We hope they acknowledge this soon, though, so the users get the best experience as is expected from a tech giant like Google. Until then, everyone has to settle with this workaround.

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