Will Pixel 4a get the Android 14 Update?

The first beta build of Android 14 from Google is officially here. The beta version gives us an early impression of what the new version of Android brings. It does not look like a design overhaul and doesn’t add too many flashy new features.

This version focuses on efficiency and optimization. Android 14’s new design symbolizes a space mission, probably suggesting something monumental. The theme remains colorful and playful while retaining some utilitarian software feel.

The primary focus of Android 14 looks like the optimization of background tasks to ensure they take up as little battery as possible. Efficiency improvements are always welcome, but this is slightly concerning too.

iOS is known for restricting several background tasks, like uploads or downloads, for battery conservation. Android does the opposite, making multi-tasking much more straightforward. We hope Android 14 does not go down the same route.

The Pixel 4a (4G) came out in 2020 and was an instant hit among enthusiasts. The phone runs clean Google software with all the AI perks. Performance wasn’t impressed with the Snapdragon 730G, and the 8nm SOC wasn’t good with battery life.

However, the phone had thin bezels and a decent OLED screen, with the best camera in the price range. The phone had Android 10 out of the box when it came out.

Pixel 4a Android 14 Update Status

  • The Pixel 4a may not receive the Android 14 update since the device has already received three major Android updates.

Pixel 4a Android

Google promises three years of consistent major Android updates for all their phones, and the Pixel 4a 4G already runs the latest Android 13.

Consistent, timely updates are a significant perk of owning a Pixel. All security patches are provided on day one, and the updates constantly improve the experience.

The 4a got all its major Android updates on time, namely Android 11, Android 12, and the latest 13. It gets all the security updates, too. Now, Google is phasing out the Pixel 4a to support newer devices.

Google used to lead the pack once with updates, but it’s falling behind the competition now. Oppo and OnePlus officially committed to 4 years of Major updates and five years of security updates.

Samsung massively improved their update situation in 2022, and even their midrange phones get updates on time. Apple is known for five years of minimum software support, and nearly 7-year-old iPhones still get security patches.

On the other hand, Google only gives three major OS updates and two more years of security updates. On Android, the version number doesn’t matter too much. Google Play Store updates add many new features.

As to whether the Pixel 4a will get Android 14 or not, it depends on which variant you have. The Pixel 4a 4G model will probably not receive the update since it isn’t on Google’s list of phones that support the developer preview.

The beta version is available for the 5G model with the 750G SOC. This is because the 5G model came with Android 11 out of the box and should receive the Android 14 update.

For the Pixel 4a 5G, Android 14 is where the major updates will end, and the phone will receive security patches.

If you have a supported Pixel, you can test the Android 14 right now through the Android Beta Program. By opting into the program, you will get a chance to test out the latest features and improvements of Android 14 before its official release. Since it’s still in the beta stage, you may encounter inconsistencies and bugs, so do this at your own risk.

Further proof is that the 4a (4G) might not receive Android 14 due to COVID delays; the phone hit the market late. And it isn’t available for the beta program either, so that’s a major sign that the phone won’t officially get the Android 14 update.

However, there’s a huge advantage to owning a Pixel. That’s community support. The active tech community frequently makes several Custom ROMs for Pixels.

Google allows boot loader unlock, so Pixel 4a owners willing to toy around can still get Android 14.

Once Android 14 is out for public download, many Custom ROMs will continue to keep the Pixel 4a alive for years to come, similar to the 2017 Mi A1 that can still technically run Android 13.

Google did not officially announce that the 4a will not get more updates, and there’s still plenty of time for Android 14 to go into the beta phase. Google might pull a surprise and still support the 4a, but the chances are pretty low.

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