May 27, 2020 4:32 AM
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OPPO will be One of the First Manufacturers to Launch a 5G Smartphone; Says CEO

The CEO claims that the company will not be the first one to adopt but will be one of the first OEM to launch 5G smartphones

4G is in bloom and, many manufacturers have been rumoured to be developing the smartphone for the 5G spectrum. Though none of the manufacturers had confirmed it, all will be eyeing to launch the first 5G smartphone in the market.

Chipset manufacturer Qualcomm, the maker of the Snapdragon SoC series, held a technology summit in Beijing, China to make future plans and strengthen ties with its business partners. Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, Lenovo, OPPO and more were present there. OPPO’s CEO Tony Chen was present the even who shared some of the company plans for the next generation of 5G networks.

CEO Tony claims that they had already started their research and development for the 5G spectrum three years ago with assistance from Qualcomm itself. He adds the company will be one of the first OEM to launch 5G smartphones. He clarified that OPPO will not likely be the first one to launch a 5G smartphone in the market but will be one of the first makers to manufacture 5G devices. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer also announced that it would be joining hands with Qualcomm for the “5G Pilot” program to jointly explore innovations in mobile technology in the 5G segment.

5G is likely to be the next best thing in the telecom industry, and every smartphone and telecom manufacturers are laying out plans and making them ready for this big wave. This may also lead to mass adoption of technologies like cloud storage. A few months back, Qualcomm released its royalty terms for 5G technology and OEMs and even recently, they have successfully carried out the testing of the first 5G radio system which brings us a step closer to the world of 5G technology.

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