OPPO R11S and R11S Plus to Feature Face ID like the iPhone X

Forget iPhone X; OPPO may release the first Android smartphone with the new face recognition tech. A new poster has been teased, which shows the new Face ID feature in the upcoming OPPO R11 and OPPO R11S Plus.

The iPhone X face recognition feature is highly debated. People’s queries varied from twin counterparts to silicon masks. Now, OPPO may also find itself in a similar situation. The new OPPO poster revealed that the devices could recognize faces before you even blink. Its timing is just 0.08 seconds. Though the poster doesn’t mention the OPPO R11S Plus, it will likely have this feature, considering it to be a higher variant.

oppo r11s oppo r11s plus poster face iD

We also have no idea about the biometric technology used in the device. The iPhone X uses a dot matrix projector and infrared camera to emit 30,000 infrared beams onto a face to recognize. We also have no information on how the Face ID will update itself accordingly with the user. The iPhone X occasionally pulls images from successful login photos to update its database. Also, the OPPO R11S and the R11S Plus have no special chipset having a “neural engine.”

We have no other news regarding the Face ID feature of OPPO R11S and R11S Plus. But we expect to hear from the company soon as the company is launching the device on November 2.

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