Find X2 and Find X2 Pro will get Android 11 beta
Find X2/ Find X2 Pro Android 11 Beta Confirmed | Image Credit: ColorOS/Twitter

Oppo’s Find X2 and X2 Pro are Eligible for Android 11 First Beta Testing

Most devices are up to date with the latest version of bugless Android 10. Google is now all set to launch the new complete version of Android 11 later this year. Before launching the full version of Android 11, Google launches beta updates for users for testing. Recently, Google launched its first beta access for Pixel devices. The beta update will surely have lots of bugs and unfinished software. Google does this to launch a much refined and smooth OS for users later this year.

Google has been releasing developer previews of Android 11 for the past few weeks, releasing some new features that will be refined more for the full version of Android 11. The update comes with new features that are focused on people, privacy, and control.

Android 11 Beta Banner

Most of the OEMs are starting to develop their UI based on Android 11. Oppo is also one of them and is ready to test their new ColorOS 8 based on Android 11. Currently, the beta will be only supported for the Find X2 series of Oppo since it is a flagship-level smartphone. Today, Oppo has officially announced on their community page that they are offering a chance for Find X2 and X2 Pro users to test the first beta build of Android 11. As of now, no official date has been made by Oppo for launching the first beta update to the Find X2 series. Furthermore, they motivate users to stay connected to their social media platforms for further updates.

As we said earlier, since it’s an early access, it will have lots of bugs and glitches, which may ruin your experience. But if you are always curious about new things, you can surely sign up for the early beta program when it is available.

That’s all for the Android 11 beta testing for the Oppo Find X2 series. We will update you about when the beta update will be rolled out for the Find X2 series. Till then, stay tuned and stay safe.

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