Oppo F7 F9 F9 Pro Android 11

Will Oppo F7, F9, and F9 Pro Get Android 11 (ColorOS 11) Update?

All of them are currently running on Android 10

After the launch of Android 11, a lot of OEMs started developing their own Android 11 based UI. Oppo is also one of them. They speed up the process and with the hard work, they were able to release the ColorOS 11 as same day as Android 11 which is amazing. They already started rolling out the beta version of ColorOS 11 from September 14. Users don’t like to wait much for the OEMs to release their customize UI. Oppo kept that in mind and they tried releasing as soon as possible. The users of F7, F9, and F9 Pro are worried about their status of Android 11. Here in this article, we will put some light on the matter. So let’s get right into it.

Oppo F7, F9, and F9 Pro Android 11 Status

Almost all the smartphone companies including Oppo has the policy of rolling out only two major OS upgrades after the launch of a device. The software policies are very strict with these companies and they maintain it. All the three mentioned devices were launched with Android 8 Oreo and as per policy they already exhausted two upgrade slots since they are currently running now on Android 10 based ColorOS 7.

Beta Program for Eligible Oppo Devices

Oppo already started beta testing of Android 11 based ColorOS 11 and a lot of devices are eligible for this update. We made a list of the Oppo devices that are eligible for both beta and stable updates of Android 11. You can even check it on your own if your device is eligible. Just head to Seetings>>Tap on the nut shaped icon on the top right corner>>Click on Beta version>>Fill the information in the form>>Click on Apply now. You will receive the update after the 3 days of filling the application form. Keep in mind that your phone is fully updated before updating it to Android 11.

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