OnePlus Nord SE to Launch in India & Europe in Q1 2021

OnePlus has always been the pricy phone in the market, and not everyone can afford it. But those days are over. A new era has come, and OnePlus has started launching its new Nord series smartphones, which are budget-centered and quite affordable. There are already three phones in the Nord series, viz. OnePlus Nord, Nord N10 5G, and Nord N100.

It’s been barely six months since they introduced this lineup, and the first phone debuted in July with Snapdragon 765G. OnePlus is all set to launch their all-new smartphone next year in their Nord series, which will be a budget smartphone as well.

According to AndroidCentral inside sources, the phone will be called OnePlus Nord SE. The device will come with upgraded specs. The main spec we can say is the 65W warp charge, which will be the main differentiator since it was first debuted in the OnePlus 8T, and finding it on a budget smartphone is pretty rare.

Moreover, it will come with a 4500 mAh battery and will be charged in under 40 minutes. Lastly, it will be launched with an AMOLED display, which is great. For the CPU, the reuse of Snapdragon 765G is unlikely, but we can’t say anything for sure. The Nord SE will run on the latest Android 11.

Coming to the availability, it will be launched in Q1 of 2021 and will be exclusively available only to India and Europe. The US will be devoid of this device. OnePlus may want to focus the budget Nord series mainly in India and Europe, which seems pretty logical and is a good strategy. The OnePlus 9 is all set to launch in March 2021, and the Nord SE will most probably launch after that. Till now, we haven’t got the full disclosure of the specs, but we will let you know if anything comes up.

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