OnePlus Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 Coming to India?

Last year, Oneplus released two budget devices under their Nord lineup, namely the Oneplus Nord N100 and Nord 10 5G. They released these two smartphones only in selected markets, and India was not a part of this release. However, almost six months after their official release, there is now news about these two smartphones coming to India.

Per the OPUpdatesTracker Telegram channel, Oneplus has released the Indian build of OxygenOS for these two smartphones. Before this, these two smartphones only had their built-in release for two regions, and the smartphones were released in those specific markets. But now, with the Indian build of OxygenOS for these two smartphones, we can expect that the company is planning to launch them in India, too.

Oneplus stopped releasing these budget devices in India because of the competition in this segment in the Indian market. Already, companies like Xiaomi and Realme are dominating the budget segment of smartphones in India with a series of smartphones, and for a new company to leave its mark in this segment, the smartphones need to be priced very competitively. However, the current pricing of these two devices does not sit well in the budget segment of the Indian market. So even though the Indian build of OxygenOS for these two smartphones has been released, people are still skeptical about their release in India. But if Oneplus lowers the price of these two devices in the Indian market, the launch would make sense.

The current build of these smartphones includes:

OnePlus Nord N100

  • NA (North America)
  • EU (Europe)
  • IN (India)

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

  • GLO (Global)
  • EU (Europe)
  • IN (India)

This comes in as good news for people who would love to have all the goods of OxygenOS in a budget device, but the possibility of this happening is still very low. However, one thing is certain: we will see the launch of Oneplus Ebba, the successor to the Oneplus Nord N10 5G, in the Indian market soon. We can be certain of this because the device has already received certification from BIS, which is necessary for launching a new smartphone in India.

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