OnePlus Android 13 Oxygen OS 13: Everything We Know So Far

OnePlus started rolling out Oxygen OS 12.1 based on Android 12 earlier this year. Many eligible smartphones received the update. On one side, some users were very upset with the new Oxygen OS 12; on the other, we saw users like the latest changes. After much criticism from users and enthusiasts, OnePlus finally decided not to merge OxygenOS into OPPO’s ColorOS.

Naturally, we’d expect OnePlus to release a new version of Oxygen OS every year to keep up with Google’s Android versions. Now that Android 13 is just around the corner, Oxygen OS 13 rollout is not too far away. Oxygen OS 13 could be OnePlus’ chance to bring back its reputation. However, things aren’t too bright here. Early testers have reported that Oxygen OS 13 is, in fact, very similar to ColorOS 13.

With Oxygen OS 13 based on Android 13, we may see similar features to ColorOS 13. Oxygen OS 13 brings new features, improved performance, and system stability to the table. Who does not like a new software update that will bring new features and improved performance? OnePlus users are eagerly waiting for this update to roll out and wondering if their OnePlus smartphones will receive the update or not. Read more to find out.

Oxygen OS 13 Update Tracker

December 9: OnePlus has released the stable OxygenOS 13 to the OnePlus 10T. The update is available first to users who participated in the Open Beta program. It will then roll out gradually to more users. The build is available in India (version CPH2413_11_C.12), North America (version CPH2417_11_C.22), Europe (version CPH2415_11_C.22), and other regions.

December 1: OxygenOS 13 Open Beta program is live for the OnePlus Nord 2T in India. Ensure your device has been updated to the detectable version: CPH2401_11.A.17. You can head over to the About Device section of your phone and apply for the beta program. Only 5000 OnePlus Nord 2T device users (India) can join the open Beta Program.

November 15: OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, 8T, 10R, 9R, and 9RT owners are now getting the Android 13 (OxygenOS 13) Stable update.

  • OnePlus 8 series software version: F.13
  • OnePlus 10R software version: CPH2423_11_C.14.
  • OnePlus 9R Software version: LE2101_11_F.16.
  • OnePlus 9RT Software version MT2111_11_F.11.

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November 10: The OxygenOS 13 stable update is now available for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro in North America, Europe, and India. The update will first roll out for those users who participated in the Open Beta program, and then it will be gradually available to more users.

October 27: OxygenOS 13 Open Beta is available for India’s OnePlus 10T 5G. Ensure your handset is in the designated OxygenOS 12 version (A.08/A.10).

October 26: OnePlus has revealed OxygenOS 13 Open Beta rollout plan for eligible smartphones. We can see that the OnePlus Nord 2T and Nord CE 2 Lite will get the update in Q4 2022, while the OnePlus Nord 2, Nord CE 2, and Nord CE 5G in H1 2023. Nord N20 SE owners will get Stable build directly in H1 2023.

OxygenOS 13 Beta Rollout Timeline

October 16: OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, 8T OxygenOS 13 Open Beta is now available for Indian users. Airtel 5G support has also been included in this beta version. If you want to experience Android 13 and 5G, install the Beta version.

October 14: OnePlus 9RT Open Beta build is now available in India. Ensure that your OnePlus 9RT is in the latest OxygenOS 12 version (C.07). Please remember these are not stable builds. If you install this beta update, you may experience several bugs.

October 1: OnePlus 10R users can install Android 13 (OxygenOS 13) as the Open Beta program is now live. Make sure your OnePlus 10R handset is running OxygenOS 12 with version A.07/A.08.

September 21: OnePlus 10 Pro users are getting Android 13 (OxygenOS 13) Stable Update in India, Europe, and North America. The build comes with firmware version C.19.

September 14: OnePlus 8T users in India can get Android 13 (OxygenOS 13) Beta by joining the Close Beta Test program. The company will recruit 200 OnePlus 8T users for the beta program. If you want to test an early build, you can apply for it from here.

August 19: OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 9R, and OnePlus 10R units in India can now participate in the OxygenOS 13 Closed Beta Test program. Only 200 users for each device who meet the requirements will be eligible for the Closed Beta Program.

August 16: Oxygen OS 13 Open Beta 2 update is available for the OnePlus 10 Pro handset. Ensure your device runs in the OxygenOS 12 version (A.15 or A.16) to get the latest Android 13 build. Besides North American and Indian users, European users also get the Open Beta 2 update.

August 13: OnePlus is looking for OxygenOS 13 Closed Beta Testers in India for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro handsets. The brand will recruit only 200 people for the Closed Beta Program who meet the requirements. You can check the community post for more details.

OnePlus Android 13 Oxygen OS 13 Release Date

  • OnePlus announced OxygenOS 13 on August 3, 2022. OxygenOS 13 open beta is now rolling out on several OnePlus handsets.

The Android 13-based Oxygen OS 13 stable update for eligible OnePlus devices may be released in November 2022.

Currently, there is no official statement from OnePlus regarding the rollout timeline of Oxygen OS 13. However, we can make speculations based on past records and Google’s Android 13 release timeline.

Considering that OnePlus plans to release this update based on past records, we can expect Oxygen OS 13 to be released by Q3 2022. Moreover, OnePlus has also started closed beta testing (CBT) of Oxygen OS 13 for select devices. Above this, OnePlus has released the Open Beta Build of the Oxygen OS 13.


OnePlus Android 13 Oxygen OS 13 Supported Phones

  • OnePlus Nord CE
  • OnePlus Nord CE 2
  • OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite
  • OnePlus 8
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • OnePlus 8T
  • OnePlus 10 Pro
  • OnePlus 9R
  • OnePlus 9RT
  • OnePlus 9 Pro
  • OnePlus 9
  • OnePlus 10R
  • OnePlus 10T
  • OnePlus Nord 2
  • OnePlus Nord 2T

Oxygen OS 13 open beta is available on the OnePlus 10 Pro. As this is the very first Open Beta build, you will not experience all the features of OxygenOS 13. More features will come in the subsequent versions. The beta build is only available for OnePlus 10 Pro units sold in North America and India.

OxygenOS 13 Features

Oxygen OS 13 brings a faster, more stable performance and smoother experience with Aquamorphic design. It offers soft and rounded edges across its design for a better viewing experience. AI System Booster allows you to suspend more applications at once to jump from one to another for a faster and uninterrupted experience.

OxygenOS 13 Features

Always On Display allows you to integrate both Spotify and Bitmoji. Smart Launcher allows you to access apps from folders faster by making folders and their contents larger on your home screen. Sidebar Toolbox helps you to do everything on your device with one hand.

HyperBoost Gaming Engine delivers a smoother and more stable gaming experience. OxygenOS 13 supports Spatial Audio that adjusts the sound direction in different apps to provide the best experience.

Fast Pair seamlessly connects your device with earbuds, smart TVs, etc. The Advance Security feature automatically warns of risky apps and downloads for improved safety. OxygenOS 13 brings Private Safe 2.0 to secure data, documents, and media files.

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