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OnePlus 6 to Come With Top Notch; Co-Founder Carl Pei Confirms

OnePlus Co-founder Carl Pei officially confirmed that the next flagship, the OnePlus 6, will have a notch on its display. One may point out the OnePlus is following  another style first popularised by the Apple iPhone X. Still, he describes it as “adding more screen real estate instead of taking anything away.”

Many Android manufacturers, from ASUS to OPPO, implemented this notch feature in their new smartphones, only faced disapproval from many customers. Many were labeled as a copycat, but OnePlus defended the decision by saying the company’s notch would be better implemented. The notch will measure 19.62 x 7.69. The notch is larger than the Essential Phone but smaller than the iPhone X. A smaller notch will result in a smaller camera module, and this will end up taking low-resolution photos. Not only that, the module has to carry the earpiece, and users demand the notification LED as well. The company gave an official render of the smartphone showing the notch to The Verge.

OnePlus 6 notch Photo: OnePlus
OnePlus 6 notch Photo Credit: OnePlus

However, one needs to remember the iPhone had a biometric scanner inside the notch. Still, Carl Pei feels such a complicated sensor is unnecessary, and the company is well off with the camera-based face recognition, which worked pretty well in the OnePlus 5T. The upcoming device is also set to replace the lower navigation buttons with gestures, hence adding more space to the display. Again, people may deem it as following the Apple design route. Essentially, Apple is leading the design as a component supplier producing parts for the iPhone, and they are later available to Android smartphones as well.

As we all know, OPPO and OnePlus are related, and if we go down with the pattern, the OPPO R15 will lay down the hardware blueprint for the OnePlus 6 smartphone. According to rumors, the smartphone will only have a notch but will have a woodgrain back as well.

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