May 27, 2020 4:24 AM
OnePlus 6 Leaked Images
OnePlus 6 Leaked Images | Photo Credit: ITHome

OnePlus 6 Hands-On Image Leak Showing New Design

The leaked image reveals a new design change in both front and back; Shows iPhone X-Like notch and vertical dual camera setup

The OnePlus 5 was launched in June followed by the higher variant OnePlus 5T on November last year. The former came with dual camera setup on the rear while the later offered an FHD+18:9 display. The next in line is OnePlus 6 which may be called OnePlus 7 due to the fact the Chinese smartphone manufacturer likes to skip even numbers. The first hands-on-image of the smartphone today appeared on Chinese technology blog ITHome.

The OnePlus 6 design looks like a combination of Apple iPhone X and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S9+. The smartphone contains a top-notch which houses the earpiece and the front camera. The display mentions Android 8.1 Oreo version and OxygenOS version 5.1, both being ahead of what the OnePlus 5T is running. The 6 GB RAM and the 64 GB internal storage is a very common combination that has been present since OnePlus 3. So there is nothing new here.

The rear of the smartphone contains a vertically stacked (5T has horizontally stacked at top left corner) dual cameras and a rectangular fingerprint sensor below it, very similar to the Galaxy S9+. If you remember correctly, when the company moved the fingerprint sensor from front to back in the OnePlus 5T, it changed the shape from rectangular to circular. Now it seems the rectangular shape is back and bears more similarity to the Galaxy S9+.

Without any proof or official word, we cannot say if the image is genuine or fake. The thing is the OnePlus 6 is supposed to launch in June so it’s a bit early to get hands-on-image. However, there were rumours last year that OnePlus will be launching the 6 versions much sooner. But OnePlus 5T sales are going too well and the company will not be launching the next version without finishing its stocks. This brings us to the next question, Is OnePlus planning another smartphone series. The display information looks credible, but given the history, the company is not likely to launch another series.

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