OnePlus 5T White Sandstone Colour Variant to be Launch on 5 January 2018

Today, Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has released a mysterious poster on Weibo. According to the poster, the company will launch a new OnePlus 5T color variant on January 5, three days from now. As per speculations, the new color variant will be the OnePlus 5T White Sandstone. The already-launched OnePlus Star Wars variant adopts white sandstone material overseas. The poster color also suggests the device might be White Sandstone with a noisy background.

The company mentioned this variant earlier this week by publishing a video called “What’s in the Box?” where random people were seen touching a device inside a box and speculating about the device. The guesses ranged from “textures,” Smooth,” grippy,” and even “like a stone,” which hinted at the Sandstone variant previously launched for the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 smartphone.

sandstone white oneplus 5t

The decision to launch this device may be because the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition is unavailable in China, and they are yet to get a special edition aside from the regular color variants. The OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition had a White Sandstone back panel depicting the white-colored salt plains of the planet Craig from the movie. Similarly, the new White Sandstone variant is also expected to feature the same.

As for the specs, the device will likely sport the same specs as the OnePlus 5T Star Wars variant and will be priced above the regular variant. We will be covering more on the device launch on January 5.

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