OnePlus 12: Everything We Know So Far

The upcoming OnePlus 12 will be the company’s next premium flagship smartphone, rumored to launch next year in India. OnePlus is gearing up for the launch of the next-generation number series. Their recent launch (OnePlus 11) was very successful and gained decent impressions, as the company’s OnePlus 9 series and OnePlus 10 Pro did not sell well. The leaks and rumors have already started since there is enough time for the upcoming OnePlus phone to launch. The smartphone will likely be an iterative upgrade compared to its predecessor.

This article will discuss everything we know about the smartphone, including specifications and release dates. Considering the phone is said to launch in the next year in the country, there might be slight changes to the device parameters. If you want to cover up the short details of the smartphone, this is the right place for you. So, without waiting any further, let’s get started!

OnePlus 12 Expected Specifications

However, we are too early to discuss the expected specifications of the smartphone, as there is enough time for the device to launch. However, some reliable tipsters like Yogesh Brar (Renowned for OnePlus leaks) have shared the possible specs sheet that is expected with the OnePlus 12.

oneplus 12 specs

The upcoming OnePlus 12 will come with an unannounced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset (codename SM8650), which will likely be released in November or December 2023 during the Qualcomm Tech Summit Event. The Soc will be a flagship chipset by the company and will be utilized by several Android OEMs for their premium range of smartphones. The chipset is expected to provide 35% improved energy efficiency. The smartphone will have a 6.7-inch QHD Curved OLED display with a 120Hz fast refresh rate.

The device’s battery and charging combination will be 5000mAh and 100W fast charging, respectively, the same as its predecessor. Regarding the optics, the OnePlus 12 is going to feature triple cameras at its rear: a 50MP primary camera, a 50MP Ultrawide angle camera, and a 64MP Periscope zoom camera, which will be utilized by the company for the very first time, irrespective of the parent company (Oppo) using it very often.

The 64MP Periscope camera will be the company’s massive upgrade in terms of smartphone cameras, irrespective of the other specifications increasing a bit. The already available premium smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Google have offered 10x Optical Zoom in their Galaxy S23 Ultra and 5x Optical Zoom in their Pixel 7 Pro, respectively.

For now, there is limited information available for the smartphone’s specifications. We will update you as soon as something pops up related to it.

When can we expect OnePlus 12 to be Released?

  • OnePlus is expected to release its next flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 12, in February 2024.

Regarding the launch of the OnePlus12, Yogesh Brar confirmed that the smartphone could launch in China in December. The company will announce the phone for other markets in Q1 2024.

The OnePlus 11 was launched on February 7, 2023. So, we could expect the launch to happen somewhere in February or at least in the first quarter of 2024.

OnePlus 12 Expected Price

  • The upcoming OnePlus 12 is expected to cost around $749.

Considering the OnePlus 11 was launched in the US for $699, we could expect a similar price range for the upcoming OnePlus 12. Also, adding the periscope camera and some improved features will increase prices. So, we expect it to price around $749 in the US.

Note: The above-speculated price can vary based on the company’s preference and the smartphone’s offer.


We are too early to judge the smartphone based on the leaked details, although it is from a reliable tipster. However, we will wait for more information regarding the device, which will increase the chances of obtaining complete specifications and features of the upcoming smartphone. So, it’s too early to say something and discuss the smartphone, but we have made this article for the tech enthusiasts waiting for the OnePlus 12.

If you are waiting for the smartphone, you must wait a lot as it will launch next year in India. Until then, we will keep you providing the leaks and specifications of the device. As soon as something arrives, make sure to be connected with us. We will also try to include the changes and developments made for this article. Thank you for reading.

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