NFC Multi-Purpose Tap Could Come to iPhone and Apple Watch

Near Field Communication technology, or NFC for short, has become a popular and useful feature for devices these days. It is a wireless technology that works over a short range of distance.

It allows devices to communicate with each other in different ways when they are near each other. For example, having an NFC chip in our smartphones and smartwatches has made online transactions really convenient. Recently, the NFC Forum introduced the NFC Multi-Purpose Tap.

Apple May Bring Multi-Purpose Tap to iPhones and Apple Watches in the future.

The NFC Forum, the most prominent organization handling NFC standards, gave us the first rundown of NFC Multi-Purpose Tap yesterday. What this feature basically does is perform multiple tasks with a single tap, as the name suggests.

Use cases of this feature include but are not limited to, multiple contactless transactions at a time. For instance, you can make a payment with a tap while consecutively logging loyalty points and receiving receipts.

Other examples include receiving information on the recycling and reusing of products when you purchase them or getting the best prices when booking tickets. As mentioned by the organization, the opportunities are limitless. You can read more about the NFC Multi-Purpose Tap feature in this document provided by the NFC Forum.

A thing to note here for Apple users is that Apple is one of the sponsors of the NFC Forum. This means that Apple could very possibly introduce this feature to their iPhones and Apple Watches in the future.

The tech giant first introduced the NFC technology to iPhones with the iPhone 6, all the way back in 2014. On the other hand, Apple Watches have always had NFC ever since the first Apple Watch that came out in 2015. Apple Pay was the main focus of NFC on Apple devices at the beginning.

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