Mount an ISO Image

How to Mount an ISO Image in Windows 11

An ISO file often called an ISO image

Microsoft made it easier to mount the ISO file starting Windows 8. From Windows 8, we get an official built-in application using which we can mount an ISO file to either a virtual CD or DVD drive. The same goes with Windows 11 too, it also comes with the official application using which we can mount ISO files.

What is an ISO file?

ISO images are another name for ISO files. It’s a single file that represents the full CD or DVD perfectly. Consider an ISO file to be a box that contains all of the components for anything that has to be assembled, such as a child’s toy that requires assembly. The toy components arrive in a box that serves no use as a toy, but once taken out and put together, the things within become what you wish to use.

In the same way, an ISO file functions. If the file can’t be opened, assembled, and used, it’s useless. Because all of the program’s contents may be neatly packed as a single file, ISO images are frequently used to deliver big applications via the internet. Even Microsoft itself used the same to release a preview of Windows 11 to insider users.

Ways to Mount an ISO Image in Windows 11

There are two ways using which you can mount an ISO file in Windows 11. Let’s check the first and easiest method to mount an ISO file in Windows 11.

Method 1:

To begin, open the File explorer first. You can either open it by pressing Windows+E or else you can open it by searching in the search box of the start menu. Now locate the ISO file and double-click on it, it will mount the ISO file and it will be available as a folder file. Now you can run and extract any word seamlessly using the folder of Windows 11.

Method 2:

In this process, you will have to again open the File explorer using either the Windows+E shortcut keys or by searching in the start menu. Now go to the folder where the ISO file is located. Now right-click on it, as soon as the right-click context menu comes, click on the Mount button. Hurray, your ISO file has been successfully mounted.

mount windows 11 iso

Unmount the ISO file in Windows 11

If you’ve finished mounting your ISO file and believe it’s done its job, you may quickly unmount it in a few simple steps. Let’s look at the procedures for unmounting an ISO file in Windows 11.

First of all, open the File Explorer and locate the mounted ISO file. Now right-click on virtual CD drive to open right-click context menu. In the right-click context menu, you will get an option namely eject, click on it and it will successfully unmount the ISO file in Windows 11.

Having that said, what do you think about the steps mentioned above using which you can mount or unmount any ISO file in seconds, Do let us know by dropping a comment in your words below.

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