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Motorola Android 11 Update: All Eligible Phones List and Release Date

Find out if your Motorola phone is eligible for the next version of Android

Motorola which was one of the biggest OEMs in past years with both flagship and budget tier devices have seen a fall in position. This happened mainly after Lenovo took over it and it took a while for the company to bounce back. However, in recent times, Motorola has made kind of a come back with some new value for money devices. In recent times, we have had only the Motorola Razr as the only flagship from the company with a wide range of budget segment devices. But that seems to be where Motorola shines though as their budget devices have received huge success from the masses. Moto Z4 and Moto One Power are probably two of the most compelling value for money devices out there from Motorola with a stock like UI experience. The stock-like UI is Motorola’s very own signature in this industry.

Latest Update as of December 22, 2020: 

Motorola has confirmed via a blog post that 23 Motorola phones are eligible for latest Android 11 update. The list includes Moto G 5G, Moto G 5G Plus, Moto G Fast, Motorola Razr 5G, Motorola Razr 2019, Motorola Edge, Motorola Edge+, Moto G9, Moto G9 Play, Moto G9 Plus, Moto G9 Power, Motorola One 5G, Motorola One Hyper, Motorola One Vision, Moto G Power, Moto G Pro, Motorola One Action, Motorola One Fusion, Motorola One Fusion+, Moto G Stylus, Moto G8, Moto G8 Power, and Lenovo K12 Note. The company has not revealed rollout timeline, however, we can expect starting from January 2021. You can keep checking Motorola’s dedicated upgrade portal section to find out current status.

Original story (published on April 11 2020) follows:

As far software updates are concerned, some Motorola devices are waiting for the Android 10 update while some already received it in early 2020. The updates start rolling out only after Google’s stable Android release. This year around though, Google has pushed some two new developer preview updates of Android 11. These preview builds are pushed out as OTA updates for Android 11 eligible Pixel devices and developers are now testing the new features they have included in this preview build. This release happened much earlier than expected from Google so we might see an early release for the official release of Android 11 too.

When will Motorola release Android 11 beta?

  • Motorola may release its Android 11 beta in November 2020. The selected Motorola users will get access to the beta program.

Motorola pushes out a beta update to a selected few models a couple of months before the release. It is done so that users can report the bugs they are experiencing and then developers work on it for a stable official release. Last year it was November when the beta version of Android 10 was release for some selected users. This time around too we can expect a similar time frame too. But looking at the early release of the developer preview, if Google decides to push out the stable sooner than last year, then we might see Motorola do the same thing with their beta release too.

This year around we can expect Moto One Hyper and Moto G8 series to be the ones to receive the beta update. However, not every G8 user or Moto One Hyper user will receive the update. While some are keen to get the update as soon as possible, some prefer a later release with stable performance without any bugs. So this beta program is only for those keen users. To receive the upcoming beta release in their devices, users need to sign up in Motorola’s feedback network through the company’s website.

eligible Motorola for Android 11

List of Motorola phones expected to receive Android 11

Motorola usually takes a fair bit of time for their official OTA updates and based on their track record we have compiled a list of all eligible phones along with the expected dates for Android 11 update for them. Please note that the above list is not an official and is only based on their previous years’ track record.

These Motorola phones may not receive the Android 11

  • Moto E5
  • Moto E5 Play
  • Moto E5 Play Go
  • Moto E5 Cruise
  • Moto E5 Plus
  • Moto G8 Play
  • Moto G7
  • Moto G7 Play
  • Moto G7 Plus
  • Moto G6 Play
  • Moto G7 Power
  • Moto G6
  • Moto G6 Plus
  • Moto E6
  • Moto E6 Play
  • Moto E6 Plus
  • Moto Z3
  • Moto Z3 Play
  • Moto Z4
  • Moto X4
  • Motorola P30
  • Motorola One (P30 Play)
  • Motorola One Power (P30 Note)

If you have seen your Motorola device in the above list then chances are that it won’t be receiving the Android 11 update. However, if you still want the upcoming OS version on your device, then you could try installing custom ROMs such as LineageOS for your device once the official stable version of Android 11 is released by Google.

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