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Best Amazon Prime Day Monitor Deals 2023

Grab best Monitor deals on Amazon

If you are considering buying a monitor or whatever you might need a new one for, be it a gaming setup, an extra one to increase productivity, or a straight-up upgrade to something more excellent, the Prime Day sale will be the best time of the year.

Prime Day monitor deals offer steep discounts on the best monitors from every manufacturer. Last year’s Prime Day extravaganza offered 48 hours of deals on monitors of all sorts.

This year also, we can expect there are going to be plenty of deals on all sorts of displays ranging from budget monitors to Ultra-Wide 4K displays with USB hubs and OLED panels.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 Starting Date

  • Amazon Prime Day 2023 will start on July 11 at 3:00 AM ET.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is running from July 11 and ends at midnight on July 12. That means only a few days are left now. Amazon’s annual 48-hour shopping holiday offers an array of deals which is like heaven for bargain shoppers. It will be a monstrous two-day sales event featuring thousands of deals.

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Do I need a Prime subscription to Access Prime Day Monitor Deals?

It is confirmed that Amazon’s Prime Day event will take place on 11 and 12 July 2023, filled with all kinds of deals across technology, home products, toys, and more. However, the Prime Day sales are exclusive to Amazon Prime members.

You can take advantage of the Prime Day sale if you are a Prime member. If you have not signed up, you can do so on the Amazon website and take advantage of a 30-day free trial. The membership costs $139 annually and $14.99 monthly.

Amazon Prime Day Monitor Deals 2023

Note: Amazon is changing its Monitor prices often. So please visit each deal page to see the real-time price.

Editor’s Pick

We don’t have any idea what type of monitor deals will come in this year’s Prime Day sale. But based on the previous year’s Prime Day deals, we can collect some ideas on the deals. Like most electronics, computer monitors come in all shapes and sizes. Similarly, so do the deals. Budget monitors are always getting discounts in the Prime Day monitor sale. We have seen budget screens for less than $200 go on sale, and giant screens worth thousands drop by a couple hundred all on their own.

In this Prime Day sale, you will see huge discounts or offers from top brands on every range of monitors. You will find deals from LG, Dell, Asus, Samsung, and plenty of others here. You can expect a massive price cut on monitors from these top-selling brands. Many of those deals will come straight from the individual websites too. As we saw last year, premium monitors like Samsung’s Odyssey range came on significant discounts. So, this year also, we can expect the same again.

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