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The recent Apple event (WWDC) on June 10 unveiled the new macOS Sequoia. It is the successor of the previous macOS 14 Sonoma. The company also announced the new iOS 18, iPadOS 18, watchOS 11, and other software improvements that will gradually come across the year.

The new Apple Macs will be operating on the latest operating system. Some new features have been added to the new software. In addition, there are some new attractive wallpapers as well.

The macOS Sequoia has features like iPhone screen mirroring and controlling it from your Mac machine, Apple Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT introduction, iMessage improvements, a new Passwords application, and more. Previous softwares like macOS Sonoma and macOS Ventura have a trend of providing two abstract wallpapers that feature universal design elements.

The abstract wallpapers combine colors, textures, and slight movement. This time, the macOS Sequoia will provide two abstract-looking wallpapers, as shown in the WWDC event. However, the wallpaper style will be somewhat different. They will feature the name-like (Sequoia) wallpaper style.

Before understanding the fresh wallpaper theming, let’s know what the name means. Sequoia means a California redwood tree where the sun’s rays slide through the trees. It will give a person a view where you will experience standing near the Sequoia trees.

On top of that, one can set up a dynamic theme-switching feature. This helps to toggle between dark and light-themed wallpapers, which are not supported in Windows. However, Windows users can also enjoy the same using third-party applications that are available for free.

macOS Sequoia Wallpapers in 6400×3552 Pixels

1. Light Version (Download HI-RES)

Light Version

2. Dark Version (Download HI-RES)

Dark Version

Now, after hearing about a new set of wallpapers, the users must be excited about how to experience them. Notably, the latest software is currently available in the developer stage. On June 10, Apple announced the macOS Sequoia and, at the same time, started the Developer preview for the registered developers to come and experience the new features and wallpapers.

The macOS Sequoia will likely be available for the public beta testers in July. The company plans to release a stable release sometime at the end of the year. So, the users excited to test the new operating system must wait until the fall. You can also try it with the risk instead of waiting for a stable release.

To experience the new software, you should register on the Apple Beta Software Program as a Developer Preview or a Public Beta tester. However, as it always goes, the new version will come with some vulnerabilities and instability. One can experience problems like bugs, issues, battery drain, heating, etc. By analyzing the problems available in both, Apple will finalize and introduce stable, bug-free software.

We suggest you try the software programs on your secondary device if you have one so that if you face any problem, you don’t have to worry about your data or security. Otherwise, you can back up your important data on your primary device and install the macOS Sequoia.

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