macOS 15 Rumors: Potential Major UI Overhaul and Siri Update

Last year, on June 5 at the WWDC 2023, Apple announced macOS 14, the latest version of their computer operating software. As we approach that date this year, rumors concerning the next macOS version have surfaced online. This version update could bring in many changes to enhance the user experience for macOS users.

UI Changes

According to a source, Apple is apparently planning to overhaul the design and look of macOS. This includes user interfaces of various native apps and services. The System Settings app, for instance, may get several rearranged and reorganized menus along with updates to other UI elements. This app could very likely be the one that users have to relearn the most stuff about.

An example of these rearrangements is in the System Settings, where the Network settings menu will be placed above the General settings menu. The Notifications and Sounds sections may be moved further down.

System Settings macos 15
Credit: AppleInsider

More menus and sections could change places, with some getting entirely new locations. The core idea is that everything will be reorganized according to importance and priority. Related settings, which previously were separate sections, can be grouped into one.

Not just this, several other system apps could also see major changes in UI design, calculator and Safari being two of them. We can see that Apple wants to maintain a common design language across all its products (iPhones and iPads).

This will eventually help the end user to easily get familiar with Apple’s different operating systems. It will further strengthen the Apple ecosystem by maintaining uniformity across various platforms.

Updates to Siri

Moving on, we can also see a change in the location of Siri and Spotlight settings. The source says the new location will be in the upper right corner, alongside the WiFi settings, battery indicator, Game Centre, etc.

The icon for Siri in the menu bar may also receive a new monochromatic and minimalistic look. This is to match the other icons on the menu bar since the current icon is colorful. On a related note, Siri will also supposedly receive a significant upgrade. To achieve this, Apple will implement a large language model called Ajax.

location of Siri
Credit: AppleInsider


As per the same source, apart from the UI changes, Apple also plans to bring some new features. The calculator app, for example, will gain a new feature called Math Notes.

The Notes app may also receive new features for audio recording and transcription and the summarization of audio transcripts with the help of artificial intelligence.

All in all, macOS 15 is adding up to be a pretty solid upgrade. However, it is essential to mention that Apple may delay some of these features or cancel them entirely, as the source says.

We will see how it goes when Apple announces it at the Worldwide Developers Conference this year. The dates of the event are out already. It will begin on June 10, 2024, and last till June 14.

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