macOS 13.3 Network file sharing bug

macOS 13.3: Network file sharing bug is finally going to be fixed

Apple’s MacBook lineup attracts a loyal consumer base because of mostly steady and reliable software. But with macOS 13, the new features weren’t optimized very well. As a result, users have been facing a lot of bugs with macOS in recent months.

The fundamental UI design remains the same with macOS 13. Icons look modern, with a neu-morphic design, which subtly applies shadows.

It’s a departure from the flat, minimal 2D icons. It perfectly balances simplicity and depth since it adds dimensionality to an otherwise bland UI design.

After macOS 11, macOS 12 was a minor update with a revamp to Safari, the addition of the Shortcuts app, live text, and the universal control ecosystem feature. macOS 13 was a lot bigger than that, and naturally, the bugs crept in.

macOS 13 had some more improvements to Safari, and some extra functionality was added to Spotlight Search. There was also the addition of the Stage Manager feature for better multitasking.

Continuity camera is also an excellent feature, which lets you use your iPhone as a WebCam in video conferences. The next minor update, macOS 13.1, only brought some security patches and improvements to SwiftUI.

macOS 13.2 was also a stability update. It addresses bugs with login item grouping and also some more SwiftUI enhancements. After this, a minor macOS 13.2.1 update came out, and it was nearly a gigabyte in size.

It fixes a major issue with the reading of optical drives. This update fixes QuickTime Player bugs, SMS bugs, Alarm bugs, and the Open at login bug. Unfortunately, macOS 13.2.1 still has a lot of persistent issues.

A day-one bug was the issue with the mail icon attachment. This has seen no fixes until now. There were also some bugs with the Security Key, which we also had on our M1 MacBook Air unit.

If you use the new end-to-end encryption feature for iCloud, it’s also compulsory to use a security key along with it. However, the security key occasionally fails to register. There are bugs with turning this feature off, too.

Another major bug with macOS 13.2.1 (Ventura) is network file sharing. Many reports online show that network file sharing via SMB (Service Message Block) isn’t working correctly on this version.

macos bug

SMB is a network file-sharing protocol and a standard tool for client-server communication. This bug adversely affects professionals who use this feature regularly for serial ports, printing, file access, etc. It also carries transaction protocols.

Thankfully, with the upcoming macOS 13.3 version, Apple has fixed this issue. If you’re on the third beta of macOS 13.3, you’ll notice that SMB file transfer is no longer an issue. Since this feature is functional again, professionals can rejoice.

If you’re on the beta and still can’t get it to work, you can try some basic troubleshooting methods like restarting. You can also try re-enabling the File Sharing option from the macOS Settings app. You’ll find it in the Sharing menu under the General section.

Now, your files can be accessed remotely via a local network. You can also set up a Mac Mini as your server.

Since this update is in the final beta testing stages, we’ll probably see the stable build on consumer MacBooks in another week. We expect iOS 16.4 to be released around this time, too.

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