May 27, 2020 4:11 AM
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LG Receives Patent for two Foldable Smartphones

LG’s fold-able smartphone features similar design with little upgrade

In the list of smartphone manufacturers that are developing a foldable smartphone, the newest entry in the South Korean manufacturer LG. The company recently published patents for not one but two foldable smartphones. The patents were filled back in July last year after being published this month.

From the first patent, it looks the device will be having two separate bodies joined by a single display. When the device is fully stretched it opens to the size of a tablet, and when it’s folded it can take the shape of a regular smartphone that fits into pockets easily. There is a second screen where it displays information like time and notifications and a camera module on the back.

The second foldable concept phone from LG is very similar to the first, but it’s back panel moves to the site revealing a transparent section where information like date, time and notifications will be displayed.

These patents for foldable smartphones are not so much different than other foldable patents. The hinge is very common, and it’s up to the manufacturers who will be perfecting the hinge without leaving a gap. It’s also unclear if LG has reached the prototype stage for the smartphone or they are just on paper.

Many smartphones are in line to develop a foldable smartphone. Samsung’s foldable smartphone Galaxy X is rumoured to launch this year. Also in line is the Huawei unnamed foldable smartphone which is expected to launch next year. They even mentioned having reached the prototype stage. We have also previously seen OPPO filing a patent for a foldable smartphone.

Similarly, Apple has filed a patent for foldable smartphones most likely a future iPhone model. Microsoft is also in action to launch a foldable smartphone. They filed a patent for a foldable smartphone Which is rumoured to be the Surface phone. Their patents even mention the materials that will be used in the process.

This has turned into a race for making the first market-ready foldable smartphone in which Samsung got a little headstart. Let’s see if LG beats them.

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