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LG G7 Coming with an Advanced Iris Scanner; Patent Reveals

LG has a lot of success with the release of G6 this year in Feb and the G5 in 2015. The next year’s G7 2018 will be coming with 18:9 Full-Screen display with very minimum bezels and according to a new report the G7 will be featuring an iris scanner. There were reports that both Samsung and LG were developing a biometric authentication method in the form of iris scanner. This became confirmed after LG showed a working iris scanner module at the Korea Electronics Show (KES).

The two smartphone manufacturers both omitted the iris scanner from their past flagships. LG on the G6 and the G5 while Samsung on the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has already included it on the S8 and the S8+ and likely to retain in the S9 flagship series. Next month both the flagships are expected, and there is a great change of the LG G7 coming with an iris scanner. Even new evidence shows that LG is still working on its iris scanner in the background.

The biometric scanner scans properties of the iris with infrared light. During KES LG showed a camera that can switch between infrared light and the rest of the colour spectrum. This one camera can function as a front camera and as an iris scanner. This will save money. LG applied for this patent in mid-2017 at WIPO which has recently been assigned. The patent describes the working of the iris scanner too.

An iris scanner cannot scan an iris properly when the person is not directly in front of the camera or when the ambient light is not sufficient. Also, pupil size differs because with the ambient light and with the distance from the eye to the display. And in many cases, people have cracked the security using photos. For this LG has provided a solution. The device records an iris image which it stores in the memory. An exposure sensor can detect the ambient light, and the display is used to emit light from a preset area. The camera then detects a second iris photo or a pupil. Then these images are compared to each other and if it matches authentication is registered but if it doesn’t match the display illumination is automatically adjusted to detect differences in the pupil size. Further, the smartphones even provide a pattern or image to look at which it can detect and follow the movements of your pupil, and this prevents the use of photos.

There is a high probability that the LG G7 will appear in CES 2018 which will hold one month after. There we will be getting more details about the iris scanner and also the device.

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