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LG Applies for Three Trademarks Related to microLED Display

The trademarks hints at the possible future in display technology for LG products

The South Korean electronics giant has filed the necessary paperwork for three new trademarks in the EU related to the marketing of microLED displays. The trademarks that the company wish for are XµLED, SµLED, and XLµLED.

If LG succeeds in getting this trademark and uses it on their shipped products, we are not sure how it well they will be received. The name “µLED” looks difficult to pronounce and read, which may make a negative impact instead of a positive one.

The filings reveal that these three trademarks are primarily for small products like “mobile phones, smartphones”. It’s not the first time the world has heard about a microLED display. Earlier this year Samsung unveiled a 146 inch TV with the microLED display while Apple is rumoured to adopt microLED displays for their wearables which make sense. Still, this is the first time a microLED display has been proposed for smartphones.

The list of products that the company wants to use this display on doesn’t end here. LG intends to adopt this on laptop, tablets, and wearables and even on smart glasses and VR ones. That will be a huge move which makes us believe LG is yet to work on this technology. But the company views this as huge potential and is considering every option.

LG is a primary member of the world of manufacturing supplying displays to the likes of Google  Pixel 2. The company was also rumoured to include a new display tech in their upcoming smartphone LG G7. Dubbed as MLCD+ panel it consumes 35% less power than a regular display, and on top of that, it is also brighter. The decision hints to the fact that LG wants to avoid the OLED displays because of the cost factor.

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